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Gorillas Trekking in Rwanda

By José Ramírez |

Visit the Volcanoes National Park and encounter gorillas. The only risk you run is not wanting to go back home.


Africa is home to extraordinary places to visit, but political stability, guerrillas and the poverty some countries suffer have discouraged tourism all across the territory. Fortunately, the governments of Rwanda, South Africa and Mozambique, among others, are offering the needed support in order to refute the prejudice that Africa is a dangerous place to visit.

DINKtravelers is convinced that this continent harbors unique cultural, human and natural beauty and that it nestles wondrous destinations. That’s why we want to offer you going on an adventure that will overwhelm your senses… so, we propose visiting the Volcanoes National Park.

This park spreads across three countries: Rwanda, Congo and Uganda, and it extends along 8,090km2.


We suggest flying directly to Rwanda and planning a 7-day tour so that you can calmly enjoy the different interesting activities that you can try at this place, including: going on an expedition to see golden monkeys, trekking to a mountain inhabited by gorillas and visiting the grave of the world’s most famous primatologists: Dian Fossey.

Without doubt, visiting this park will change your relationship with nature, especially when you encounter the huge gorillas in their natural habitat. The feeling of being so close to them may be frightening at first, true. By instinct, they’ll try to scare you away and, in some cases, they won’t act too friendly; however, if you follow your guide’s indications, you’ll learn to communicate with them. Once you’ve understood their language and realize how close you are to your imposing and magnificent new friends, you’ll be able to enjoy the feelings of fulfillment and understanding that will come. Undoubtedly, when travelers coexist in harmony with the inhabitants of natural destinations, we feel enlightened by a sense of gratitude and respect for life in its diverse manifestations.


  • You can take a bottle of water with you and even a snack but remember that it’s strictly forbidden to eat, smoke or drink near the gorillas
  • Wear comfortable shoes and a jacket because gorillas live almost 1,700m above sea level
  • Photography is allowed, but the use of flash isn’t.
  • Keep at least a safe 7m distance between the gorillas and you
  • Hydrate yourself throughout the long walk to avoid exhaustion


The park authorities have tried to make this touristic activity as sustainable as possible in order to protect the habitat and prevent the gorillas from having behavioral changes or even dying. For this reason, even though you can visit Rwanda year round, consider that you must make your reservations for the gorillas’ tour in advance because they only allow small groups of visitors. You must even pay for a special permit to go on this tour and they only have 80 permits available per day.

Expand your traveling horizons to Africa and enjoy this extraordinary experience. Of course, to avoid having any disagreeable surprises during your trip, pay for authorized and certified tour services and operators only, and read the recommendations of other travelers on the web.

Visit and live Rwanda…the only risk you run is not wanting to go back home.