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Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve

By Nahoko Sato |

Let your adventurous spirit go wild in a trip to the Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve in South Africa and meet the Big 5!


What is your next vacation plan? Relaxing at the beach? Climbing up a mountain? Fortunately, there are a bunch of choices for all kinds of tastes in this world. If you are still not 100% certain where you’ll travel for your next escapade, follow DINKtravelers’ suggestion because you will love it.


This time, we are heading to Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve in South Africa. As you can easily imagine, the star players in this place are wild animals. Actually, Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve is the Southern Cape’s biggest game reserve and it’s home to Africa‘s Big 5. This area covers over 2000 hectares of indigenous beauty and it’s malaria free so it’s a very safe destination to travel to.


There are over 150 different species of game and birdlife at this reserve. In addition, as we mentioned above, this is the perfect place to meet Africa’s Big 5which are:

  • Rhino
  • Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Elephant

It’s fantastic! You will have the chance to meet all of these wild species and more, so check the website Wildlife Plett Game Reserve

A few things that you’ll learn during your trip:

  • Rhinos have poor vision and sometimes they attack trees and rocks by mistake. Yet, their sense of hearing and smell are outstanding.
  • Leopards are nocturnal and solitary, and they stay hidden during the day, so they’re the least seen of the Big Five.
  • Buffaloes’ main predators are lions. However, they always try to rescue members of their group that have been caught.
  • Even though the term “Big Five” used to refer to the difficulty in hunting these five species, now it refers to seeing and admiring them –not shooting them– in wildlife safaris.


One of the most important decisions travelers during a trip to South Africa is to choose the right tour or safari, making sure that it will be safe and sustainable. Well, there are two choices depending on what your adventurous spirit likes, so ask your heart and just book it!


If you think you are not so adventurous, that’s perfectly fine. Here is an option for you. Go for a ride in open SUVs, and feel as close to nature as you can be. You will be able to observe the Big 5 and learn a lot about them thanks to the passionate and experienced game rangers that will accompany you. They love sharing knowledge about the animals and their habitat with you, so enjoy a wild game drive with them! Need we say that you mustn’t forget your camera?

This tour is open to the public, so just pick a date and book it as soon as possible. It costs around 45USd per person and it operates 6 times a day.


If you want a bare approach to wildlife, here is the option for you: Take a 2 hour horse Safari and be wild and adventurous. Wild animals will be much closer to you, so naturally, experienced rangers will be your guides keeping you safe at all times. You’ll feel powerful and free, as you ride on horseback becoming part of the scenery. For sure, this will create an unforgettable memory.

This tour costs the same as the 2 Hour Game Drive, but it operates just twice a day, so make your reservation as soon as possible.

Are you thinking you could be bitten or eaten by wild animals on this trip? You don’t need to worry because these animals are perfectly treated and very well studied by the professional staff formed by experts in wildlife and conservation, so blow out your fear and just book the airplane ticket to go to South Africa!