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Vivid and Exciting Experiences in Jamaica

By Nahoko Sato |

Travel to Jamaica where great reggae singer Bob Marley was born… and where you’ll taste the best coffee brew and all kinds of rum.


So, you’ve made up your mind to have vivid exciting experiences… where will travel next?DINKtravelers recommends Jamaica.

We assume your first image of Jamaica is a picture of Bob Marley, one of the most famous reggae musicians in this world. Yes, evidently we too are big fans, but Jamaica is also more than that. So, shall we go and explore the unforgettable landmarks of Jamaica?


You already know a lot about the legendry reggae singer, Bob Marley. What you might not know is that there are two important sites where you can find out more about him!


The first attraction you should visit in Jamaica is the Bob Marley Museum. It’s located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston. Marley bought this house but it was his wife Rita who renovated it as a museum 6 years after Bob passed away. The original rooms have been kept just as they were when Bob lived there, so imagine, you can see his favorite clothing, his personal recording studio and even his bedroom! We recommend joining the guided tour (duration 1 hour and 15 mins), which includes a 20-minute video presentation. Your charming and knowledgeable tour guide will escort you through the grounds so you won’t miss any interesting spots. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet the Marley Brothers!


Nine Mile is Bob Marley’s birthplace and final resting place. There you’ll find his grandparents’ house where he was raised until he was six months old and the house where he lived until he was 12. You can pay your respects at Bob Marley’s and his mom’s “Mama Marley” graves, and then visit the premises where Marley’s musical career began and which influenced many of his songs. Near his house, there is a gift shop, a bar and a restaurant, so you have everything you need for a one-day visit. If you want to learn more, join the guided tour. You will have a talkative friendly guide to enjoy this place even more.


After enjoying both Bob Marley tours, have a taste of the great aroma of Jamaica. Can you guess which are these destinations most exquisite aromas? The answers are…


Blue Mountain is located in the southeast part of Jamaica and it’s 45 km long. It formed during the Cretaceous period, its peak point is 2,256 meters above sea level, and it’s home to various plants of diverse beautiful green colors. The mountaintop is surrounded by a ring of mist, which earned it the nickname “Mystic Mountain”. It’s amidst this beautiful environment that the world’s number 1 coffee, Blue Mountain, is produced.

Some plantations offer tours that we highly suggest taking them. Knowledgeable staff will guide you along the plantation and explain everything about the process of growing coffee, the history of coffee and the types of coffee there are. Of course, you’ll get to taste the best Blue Mountain coffee, so pamper your all senses with the best brew you’ve ever tasted.

Consider this: If you plan your trip between September and January, you might be able to see coffee picking.

A petit note about Blue Mountain Coffee: Drink it black! No milk, no sugar. Blue Mountain Coffee doesn’t contain lots of caffeine (only 20-25g). It has strong alkaline properties and it’s been linked to the reduction of symptoms of diabetes and cancer. According to savvy coffee growers, if you catch a cold, you should drink Blue Mountain Coffee with Rum.


One of the Caribbean’s main products is sugarcane. From this, of course, rum is produced. It’s a famous drink in Jamaica and people love it. Did you know that there are several types of rum? We will introduce you to two major types of rum and how to drink them.

First, white rum. It can be overproof, when its alcohol percentage is 63%, the highest content among rums. As alcohol is high in ratio, mix it with juice or use it for cocktails. If you lit it, it will burn with blue fire –can’t have enough drinks on fire, right?

Another variety is gold rum. The liquid is put in casks to age so that it acquires certain flavors. The best way to drink it depends on the flavor… if you love alcohol, drink it straight or on the rocks. If you are not a fan of strong alcohol, pour it on vanilla ice cream. It will create a beautiful harmony in your mouth.


A must-bring item is a bug spray or cream to prevent mosquito bites. There are lots of mosquitos in Jamaica and they don’t have mercy!

There is a lot more to see in Jamaica, so grab your bag, your airplane ticket and add some reggae to your travel playlist.