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Anne of Green Gables at PEI in Canada

By Nahoko Sato |

Visit the literary world of Anne of Green Gables at PEI in Canada, and take a tour at the setting that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery.

In previous articles we have invited you to visit places that have inspired great literary works. That is the case of Romania, in Dracula, or Dostoevsky‘s St. Petersburg. Literary trips give you the possibility of discovering fantastic and real places, and this one won’t be the exception.

Anne of Green Gables Tour in Canada

What was your favorite book when you were little? Did you think about a book in which the main character is a red-haired girl with a wild imagination? Today, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, invites you to discover the world of Anne of Green Gables. You may know the novel, but today you’ll discover its setting: Prince Edward Island, in Canada. You will also learn about other important places in the book by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Where is PEI Located in Canada? 

Prince Edward Island, also known as PEI, is one of the ten Canadian provinces. It is located north of the Nova Scotia peninsula, east of the North American country. Its landscapes, full of meadows and beautiful forests, as well as its beaches with reddish and white sand, served as inspiration for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s work. For this reason, reading the books written by this Canadian author can give you an idea of how the landscape of Prince Edward Island looks.

How to Get to PEI?

There are many ways to get to PEI. If you like road tours you can get there by car crossing the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick. If you prefer to travel by sea you can take the Northumberland ferry that departs from Caribou, Nova Scotia and the Wood Islands. However, our recommendation is to travel by plane to the Charlottetown airport located in the center of Prince Edward Island. The flights depart mainly from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. From May to October there are daily flights to the island. If you don’t like any of these three options you can travel by bus, cruise or even train.

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables is one of the most popular stories written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908. The main character is Anne Shirley, a thin girl with freckles and red hair. In the novel, her parents pass away when she is three months old, and that’s when her journey as an orphan begins. This little girl is adopted by several families. However, unfortunate circumstances make Anne find herself alone again until she is sent to an orphanage. The story may not sound so happy, but thanks to Anne’s great imagination she is always able to see beauty in her world and never lose hope.

One day, Anne gets the great news that she will be adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and she feels really happy. After waiting for Mr. Cuthbert at Kensington Station, she finds out that the couple wanted to adopt a boy, not a girl. Imagine her disappointment! Anne’s heart is broken. However, just when she is about to return to the orphanage, Mr. Cuthbert realizes  Anne is a bright, intelligent and fun girl, so he and his wife decide to adopt her. That’s when her life in Green Gables begins.

Visit Green Gables Heritage Place

Let’s visit Anne of Green Gables’ house in Cavendish! It’s located at the Green Gables Heritage Place. This house was the filming location of the movie Anne of Green Gables and it was also the place that inspired Maud’s novel. Every year it’s visited by thousands of tourists from all around the world because they want to relive Anne of Green Gables’ adventures. Enter the house and you will find Anne everywhere, especially in the kitchen where she cooks and bakes (with funny failures!).

A Walk Along Lover’s Lane

Once you finish enjoying Green Gables Heritage Place, head to the backyard. That’s where you’ll find the famous Lover’s Lane that Anne and her best friend, Diana, take to get to school. It’s lined with birch trees and inhabited by squirrels and birds that will welcome you to the “enchanted forest”.

Green Gables Shore

Apart from Green Gables Heritage Place, a must-see place in your literary route is Green Gables Shore. This scenic landscape is made up by red cliffs and white beaches. It’s also popular among golf players, since there are 11 greens in the area. Also, it hosts the Indian River Festival Fine Music Series at St. Mary’s church, a huge wooden building with excellent acoustics.

Avonlea Village

The town of Avonlea is a fictitious community, setting of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel. This small town has recreated the rural society in which Anne lives. Sometimes it’s even possible to see Anne and Diana greeting tourists or performing scenes from the novel. Montgomery was inspired by his childhood experiences in the farms surrounding Cavendish in the late nineteenth century to create the village of Avonlea.

What to Eat at Prince Edward Island?

Surely, you will enjoy the world of Anne of Green Gables at Prince Edward Island, but there’s more. PEI is also famous for its delicious food too. Are you a foodie? DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, suggests you try all the varieties of berries they grow on the island. You’ll find tons of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries at the market. Also, they produce tasty jams, which are great as souvenirs.

Also, don’t forget to try the best seafood at Prince Edward Island. Depending on the season, you can try mussels, oysters or lobster! This way, you’ll enjoy a great feast after your literary trip inspired by Anne of Green Gables.

On your next trip to Canada, don’t forget to take a tour in PEI, inspired by the tale of Anne of Green Gables. This destination, ideal to relax with its rural environment, is your perfect opportunity to follow the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables. Pack your bags and don’t forget to share with us your experience in this wonderful place in Canada.