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Vacations in the Canadian Rockies

By Nahoko Sato |

For every sip you have of the water that flows from the melting glaciers in the Canadian Rocky, you’ll live 10 years longer! This and more about this destination, right here.


What will be the purpose of your next trip? To relax? To experience something exciting? To escape routine? We have a great option for you that will fulfill all three expectations: hello Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks!

The Canadian Rocky Mountain is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive touristic sites in Canada. For that reason, the UNESCO registered it as World Heritage in 1984. It comprises Banff National Park, Hamber Provincial Park, Jasper National Park, Kootenay National Park, Mount Robson Provincial Park, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and Yoho National Park. All that green in just one trip? Absolutely! And lots of snow in winter too! Actually, to help you sort out the best natural attractions in the area we would like to invite you to our three favorite spots in the parks.


Firstly, you ought to visit Lake Louise, home of the 3,464 meters (11,365 ft) tall Mt. Victoria, a mountain on the British Columbia-Alberta border that is ideal for mountaineering programs. At the top you’ll find Victoria Glacier, whose melting ice flows into the lake giving it a bright emerald green color. This beautiful scenery will surely heal your heart.

Visit the site very early in the morning when the sunrays are not shining too bright on the snow yet. This way you’ll have the perfect lighting to take great pictures. If you go in winter, you will get the chance to ice-skate on the frozen lake. But bear in mind that the temperature will be a lot lower than in any traditional skating ring, so wear eyeglasses, a snow ski hat and a warm scarf or neckwarmer if you don’t want your eyelashes, eyebrows and even your lips to freeze!


Secondly, Peyto Lake’s water comes from the molten ice of the Wapta and Mystaya Glaciers. From afar, its color is a mysterious shade of milky white. However, depending on the season and the weather, it usually changes to a beautiful blue or emerald green. For the best views, climb up to the observation deck, only 10 minutes away from the parking area on foot. But don’t forget to wear hiking boots since the slope is steep and the floor might be slippery.


Lastly, dont miss going on a tour to the Columbia Icefields and the Athabasca Glacier, which is a remnant of the ice mass that used to mantle the mountains. You can get there by Snow Coach and enjoy the frozen scenery or even walk on the glacier! And don’t forget to bring your favorite flask with you. It’s said that for every sip you have of the water that flows from the melting glaciers, you’ll live 10 years longer!

Have you made up your mind? Start packing for the cold weather and get your snow gear ready to get on a plane to Canada.