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An Excursion to Xico

By Ale Coyote |

The Texolo Fall possesses natural beauty, an intense flow and a breath-taking height of over 165 feet.


Many times when we travel to a destination in Mexico, apart from visiting the main buildings, mingling with the locals, relaxing and buying craftworks that will remind us of those beautiful landscapes, we like to add to our itinerary going to famous natural sites. That’s why DINKtravelers thinks you should keep reading and follow us to a magical place.


Xico is a Pueblo Mágico that is nestled in the vegetation and tropical weather of the state of Veracruz. It’s located in the foothills of Cofre de Perote, the eighth tallest dormant volcano in Mexico and one of the most famous mountains in that state.

If you’d like to live an experience that awakens your senses, you should definitely visit this town and, once there, go to the Texolo Falls. It possesses natural beauty, an intense flow and a breath-taking height of over 165 feet.

If you get there by car, you can park near the main square, and then, walk up the paved trail that’s lined with tons of vivid flowers and trees. Even though it has remained nameless, you’ll easily find it by asking the locals for the “road to the cascades”.


You will walk around five miles in a soothing and silent environment. On your way, you’ll spot the unique butterfly 88, whose name comes from its wings’ shape, similar to the figure formed by that number. You can also identify it by its combination of black, red and white colors.

Continue until you reach the hydroelectric power station that was erected in the nineteenth century. It’s close to an old suspension bridge that was built in the twentieth century at 255 feet from the ground. If you want to buy craftworks or souvenirs, this part of the route is the perfect place to find them.

Not long after crossing the bridge you’ll finally find a very nice place to sit and admire the waterfall while listening to the roaring sound of the water crashing against the rocks.

Take your time to relax in this picturesque place and to photograph the elements that conform the landscape. However, avoid climbing on tall humid rocks since they tend to be quite slippery.

Before your visit comes to an end, get yourself some snacks at the nearby food stands. And since you’re there, try the traditional alcoholic drink of Veracruz called “El torito”. It’s prepared with sugarcane juice and natural flavors like vanilla, cocoa, coffee and passion fruit, among others. We guarantee that you’ll love it.