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Best of Puerto Vallarta

By Ale Coyote |

At the Puerto Vallarta pier you’ll find an open-air gallery, romantic landscapes and a festive nightlife that has the sea breeze as inspiration.


Going on a promenade is something DINKtravelers enjoy doing when they visit destinations where magical pathways and urban sceneries are combined. Such is the case of the 870 meter-long pier in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, where thousands of people enjoy the best of this port.

Your walk should begin in the nearby streets where you can park your rental car. The houses you’ll find there emulate a colonial air combined with the tropical environment. Then, we suggest heading to the seashore, where the oldest hotel in Puerto Vallarta was built, near Treinta y Uno de Octubre and Díaz Ordaz streets.


As you enjoy your walk, you’ll find a series of statues that adorn the pier. All of them are quite peculiar in shape and form, and it seems as if their duty were to contemplate the waves as they break on the shore while dozens of tourists have their pictures taken next to them.

Among these beautiful sculptures, look for the Seahorse, designed and sculpted by Rafael Zamarripa, a Mexican artist who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and who is quite renowned these days. This figure has become an identitary icon for the locals; therefore, thousands of tourists have also turned it into the protagonist of their photographs.

Continue your way along the pier while you spot other sculptures such as the Stone Eater, the Good Fortune Unicorn, Triton and the Mermaid, and Nostalgia, to mention a few. Each one of them was created by a different talented artist and is exhibited as part of this open-air gallery.


Surely, after enjoying this landscape, you’ll want to discover the traditional flavor of aguachile, a dish that despite not having been created in Jalisco, but in Sinaloa, is very popular among tourists. It’s a combination of exquisite giant shrimp with chili and lemon juice that is accompanied by totopos –fried tortilla chips– and guacamole. If you like tart flavors, you’ll love this recipe.


Prepare your camera and create spectacular pictures. The sun will set behind the waves, captivating your senses. Without doubt, you’ll want to capture this wonderful view that nature offers because sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are uniquely romantic.

If you are creative, you’ll also be able to capture the silhouette of the statues in front of the sun as it sets.


The pier is the heart of nightlife in Puerto Vallarta. There you’ll find bars, cafes and restaurants that add a special touch to the environment that blossoms at dusk. Thousands of travelers meet at the pier in order to enjoy a festive night with the sea breeze as inspiration.