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A Walk in Downtown Coyoacan in Mexico City

By Ana Torres |

DINKtravelers has the perfect plan to discover downtown Coyoacan, the favorite getaway spot for the inhabitants of Mexico City.

Downtown Coyoacan, a Point of Interest in Mexico City

Discovering Mexico City can be an ambitious task. Visiting  its museums such as the Banamex Cultural Palace Museum or the Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries can be a bit tiring. Moreover, its offer of cultural events at places like the Chapultepec Castle or the Majestic Fine Arts Palace is so varied that it can be difficult to choose. Because of this, places like downtown Coyoacan are a perfect option to spend a relaxed afternoon surrounded by green areas. People in Mexico City love to visit the Coyoacan neighborhood  to rest from the daily rush. We are sure you’ll love it too.

Downtown Coyoacan offers to those who visit it many places to sit and relax. Its  cobbled streets, fountains, and colonial houses give its atmosphere a picturesque touch. In addition, its iconic museums, galleries, and  restaurants of typical Mexican food make it a unique attraction in Mexico City. Also, the snacks and candies sold at the streets allow you to learn more about Mexican traditions. Furthermore, the Coyoacan neighborhood is full of cultural centers and theathers.

For all the above, we invite you to discover 5 attractions of downtown Coyoacan. This special meeting point for defeños –inhabitants of Mexico City– is a great tourist attraction for those who visit the south of Mexico City. Follow this route through the Coyoacan neighborhood and find out why.

Route through Downtown Coyoacan

Downtown Coyoacan is open every day. However, we recommend you to visit it over the weekend, especially on a Sunday. On this day, free outdoor cultural events are offered, and you´ll spend a wonderful time. Start your tour of the Coyoacan neighborhood  before noon so you have time to visit all the interesting places it offers. Most of the restaurants and establishments open at 10:00, so it´s not necessary to get there earlier than that.

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#1 Stop: Church of San Juan Bautista

Start your visit before noon in front of the Church of San Juan Bautista. This religious building dates from the sixteenth century and it is considered one of the oldest temples in Mexico City. It is located in the main square of downtown Coyoacan. If you’re a fan of photography, sit in front of the church’s entrance and capture the diversity of the passers-by.

#2 Stop: Hidalgo Garden

Just a few steps away from the church, you can find the gazebo of downtown Coyoacan. It is located in the Hidalgo Garden, where you can sit and relax. If you prefer to go shopping for Mexican crafts and souvenirs, cross the street. You’ll spot a series of yellow stone arches. Past them, you’ll find the famous artwork bazaar with numerous stalls distributed in a two-level plaza. There they sell unique pieces of jewelry, ornaments and Mexican fashion.

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#3 Stop: Traditional Gastronomy in Downtown Coyoacan

If you’re hungry, all you have to do is walk along Av. Mexico.  You’ll find a varied selection of antojerías –small  restaurants that offer traditional gastronomy– and cafés for all tastes. Downtown Coyoacan offers in  these establishments a wide variety of Mexican food. However, if you crave for  a dessert, DINKtravelers,  your world travel guide, recommends you to taste some delicious churros. Then, continue your way to visit the Coyoacan museums.

#4 Stop: Frida Kahlo Museum and other Coyoacan Museums

Downtown Coyoacan is a recreational site located in Delegación Coyoacán. It houses interesting sites such as Cineteca Nacional (National Movie Library) and the Fonoteca Nacional (National Music Library). The museums of Acuarela (Watercolor), Frida Kahlo, Leon Trotsky and the National Museum of Popular Cultures are some of the most important Coyoacan museums. We particularly recommend you to visit the museum of the famous painter Frida Kahlo. It is part of this route because it is a must stop for any visitor to Coyoacan neighborhood.

In order to get there you have to walk along Av. Mexico until you get to the corner of Londres street. There, when you reach number 247 you’ll find the house-studio of Frida Kahlo, one of the most renowned female painters in the world. This museum was recognized with the Travel Awards in 2013 and it’s one of the most visited in downtown Coyoacan.

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Take your time to enjoy your visit and don’t forget to use the free WiFi service in the area to share your photos with us on Instagram.

#5 Stop: Coyoacan Market

The rest of the museums in downtown Coyoacan deserve an article each. For now, the route continues on your way out from the house-studio of Frida Kahlo. Walk against the traffic flow on Ignacio Allende St. and in less than 10 minutes you’ll reach the Coyoacan market. Enter to discover a wide variety of local products and souvenirs. You can also taste a  quesadilla with huitlacoche – an edible flower  – and fresh fruits water.

Other Sites of Interest near Downtown Coyoacan

If you enjoyed your visit in downtown Coyoacan, make the most of your stay in the south of Mexico City and visit the Town of San Angel or downtown Tlalpan. Both places will keep you away from the daily rush of the city and make you enjoy your trip.

Since you already know the 5 must-see attractions of downtown Coyoacan, don’t think twice! Go and discover this wonderful spot the inhabitants of Mexico City love.  Once you visit the tourist attractions and taste the most popular snacks and candies of Mexico, share your experience at the Coyoacan neighborhood with us.