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Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries

By Miguel Ramírez |

Did you know that Mexico City possesses a diamond whose interior you can visit? Come and prove it at the Polyforum Siqueiros.


The southern part of Mexico City gathers art and modernity in an endless number of buildings that stand out thanks to their originality. We want to invite you to visit the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros on your next trip to this destination. It’s a structure that’s shaped like a diamond and portrays what is commonly known as “total art”, since it joins works of architecture, painting, sculpture, theatre and music in one single site.


The Polyforum is located on Insurgentes Avenue, next to the World Trade Center. It was created as part of a project called Mexico 2000 by entrepreneur Manuel Suárez. His goal was to create an attractive district for the tourists who visited Mexico City for the Olympic Games of 1968. This explains why all the nearby streets are named after foreign cities and why there is such a great international gastronomic offer in the area.


The Polyforum enthuses the eye with its diamond-shaped architecture. It attracts the senses of all the tourists with its colorful façade made up of twelve gigantic panels decorated with scenes that represent the music and history of Mexico. Without doubt, they’re all fine portraits of Mexican Muralism.


Inside, on the first floor, the Polyforum Art Gallery receives its visitors with temporary art exhibits, mainly concentrating on new and young talent. But what you’ll enjoy the most lies on top of a double moon-shaped stairway. There you’ll find a unique space where you’ll be able to admire the masterpiece of one of the most important Mexican artists of the twentieth century: David Alfaro Siqueiros. We’re talking about the world’s largest mural known as La marcha de la humanidad en la Tierra y hacia el cosmos, miseria y cienciaPainting, sculpture and architecture are joined in a borderless area that was planned for the spectator to be able to observe from any perspective. The work tells the story of humankind, from its earliest eras to the technological achievements of modernity, including space travel. We recommend going on a weekend since those days there are two lights and sound shows in which a recording of Siqueiros’ voice describes the mural.

Nowadays, a little over 40 years after its inauguration, this diamond in the city that has been declared Urban Cultural Heritage still keeps the magical aura that conquers visitors and renovates itself simply because it’s open to different cultural manifestations. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this aesthetic experience that promises to fill your senses with art that’s made in Mexico but thought for the whole world.