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Santa Fe Business District

By Ale Coyote |

Santa Fe is one of the main engines of the Mexican economy, a canvass of modern architecture and a gigantic mall.


So this isn’t your first trip to Mexico City? Don’t think that visiting the best bars in the borough of Coyoacan, walking Madero Street in Downtown Mexico or visiting the Chapultepec Castle is all there is to this destination. In this article DINKtravelers invites you to learn all about a splendid city within the city, that is, one of the most modern districts in this metropolis, also considered an important nucleus of the country’s economy as well as a meeting place for shopaholics: Santa Fe.


This urban development is relatively young. Some time ago the area was full of sand mines and, what everyone refuses to remember is that during the sixties, after the sand deposits were emptied, the district was used as one of the biggest landfills in the city. However, in the early ninety-nineties, a huge urban transformation took place and its goal was to create an ultramodern area that resembled La Défense in Paris. Therefore, the most innovating architects began to work on monumental and modern buildingswhere the most powerful companies could establish their Head Offices.


As time has passed, the enthusiasm for building new constructions is still in vogue, and little by little Santa Fe has acquired more snobbish qualities. Nowadays it harbors many renowned corporations that have established their offices in intelligent buildings, as well as private universities of global recognition. There are also high-end residential developments that include amenities such as golf courses, swimming pools and gyms. And among the other attractions in the area you’ll find some of the most magnificent restaurants and malls. There’s a huge three-story mall with department stores and movie theaters, one with boutique and gourmet stores, another one that’s 100% sustainable and yet another one that was built underground and that on ground level it’s disguised as a park. For all these reasons, Santa Fe is one of the most expensive districts in the city.

Since Santa Fe is located between the Cuajimalpa and Álvaro Obregón boroughs, on the western side of the city, in order to get there we recommend renting a car or taking a cab. Better yet, plan your stay in the area, given that Santa Fe has a huge hotel infrastructure that’s both exclusive and new.

When you visit this mini city you’ll see that it represents a transformation and reinvention of what we know as Mexico City.