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Sports Tourism at Tuliman Falls in Puebla, Mexico

By Ana Torres |

Tourism and sports are the perfect duo for a trip to renew your physical and mental health. Follow our advice and visit the spectacular Tuliman falls in Puebla, Mexico.

DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, knows that you like to take care of yourself while discovering new destinations. That’s why we’ve offered you the best tips to avoid dehydration while going mountaineering or running on the beach. Join us to discover the sports tourism offer in Tuliman and pack your bags for a new adventure in this natural paradise of Puebla.

Mexico is famous for its cultural and natural diversity. In its vast territory we can find incredible world-renowned beaches such as Huatulco, as well as snowy landscapes that will take your breath away. This adds to the country’s gastronomical wealth, capable of pleasing even the most demanding palates. Among this wide range of possibilities, you can also find parks and natural reserves where you can practice sports tourism. These parks are the favorite destinations of people who, like you, are looking for new challenges while traveling.

Origins of Sports Tourism  

The first accounts of travels inspired by sports date back to classical Greece, home to the Olympic Games. During this sports event many people traveled to Olympia, the city after which the games were named and where the competitions took place. Every four years both the general public and the athletes gathered for this celebration that combined religion and sports.

Nowadays, the World Cup and the Super Bowl continue to promote the tradition of traveling to attend massive sports events. The combination of physical skills and luck make tourists go crazy as they cheer for their favorite teams.

Benefits of Sports Tourism  

Sports tourism is a trend that has gained popularity in the past few years. Although its main goal is to practice sports while traveling, meeting other people is inevitable. This way, the trip also aquires a ludic sense, promotes self confidence, and gives you the opportunity to make new friends as you enjoy nature and practice healthy activities.

This type of tourism, also known as adventure tourism, has a positive impact on a person’s health. Apart from improving one’s physical condition, it reduces stress and promotes emotional stability. It even triggers creativity, since with every trip the traveler’s interest in discovering new destinations to practice sports and tourism increases.

Cascadas de Tuliman Eco Park  

The Tuliman Eco Park is famous for its cascades that rise over 350 m above the ground. It’s the perfect place if you want to do physical activities surrounded by the impressive nature. The park is located 30 minutes away from Zacatlan, Puebla. In order to get there, take the road to Chignahuapan; you’ll get to San Isidro Tomatlan in only 15 minutes. Turn left and follow the road to Quezalapa where you’ll find the entrance to Tuliman Eco Park. Take into account that the park’s opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 h. However, if you wish, you can stay overnight by reserving a small cottage in the woods and parking your car in the park’s parking lot.

Hide Inside a Tree  

Sports Tourism at Tuliman Falls in Puebla, Mexico

We recommend starting your visit with a walk along the park’s rustic trails to get inspired by the landscape.

During your stroll you’ll find a hanging bridge that will lead you to the Papalotl. This is a huge tree whose trunk has an opening of about 60 cm wide and 5 m tall. Nobody knows the reason why the trunk has this cavity, but it gives you the chance to discover the tree’s heart. The Papalotl is very similar to the famous African baobabs, which can house around 12 to 15 people. Use the trunk’s textures to create amazing photographs and post them on Instagram using the hashtag #DINkpics!

Sports Activities in Tuliman Park

The Tuliman Eco Park is divided into 3 areas with different attractions each. Take into account that they’re not so close to each other so you have to get around by car. Otherwise, you can use this as a good opportunity to practice hiking. You’ll see that there are many varied activities to suit all tastes, fitness levels and costs.

For example, at the park’s entrance, where you’ll find the cottages, the main attraction is climbing up a tree. You must wear appropiate shoes to participate in this activity, but you can rent the rest of the equipment there so you can climb up safely. Also, if you go hiking around this area, the trail will lead to an area of Tuliman falls where you’ll get the chance to refresh with the breeze.

Sports Tourism at Tuliman Falls in Puebla, Mexico

What to Eat in Tuliman, Puebla

After your walk, head to the food stalls. There are several options, but we suggest trying the blue tortilla quesadillas. They’re typical, light and nutritious, so they’ll give you enough strength to continue with your adventure. A while after lunch, put on your bathing suit and head to the thermal springs.

Thermal Springs in Tuliman 

The park is surrounded by mountains, and it has thermal springs with healing and soothing properties. Bathe in them to experience their benefits. Their water helps  the skin rehydrate and soothes joint pain. Stay there for at least half an hour before you continue your visit.

The Tuliman Zipline

If you want to try your strength, bravery and precision, practice archery or ride the 100 meter-long zipline. You’ll get a great view of the woods, the falls and the volcanic rocks, which are also part of the park’s attractions.

Camping in Tuliman 

If you enjoy camping, there’s a place where you can do so at the park, but you must pack your own tent. In the summer, all you’ll need is a light sleeping bag to spend the night, but in autumn and winter you’ll need a thermal sleeping bag. In order to avoid mosquito bites and to keep other insects away, turn on a portable fan close to your tent for an hour before going to sleep. This is also a good option for hot summer nights. Even though there are some emergency lights around the area, don’t forget to pack lanterns with enough battery and a small first-aid kit. Fill this kit with OTC remedies for stomach ache, headache, and for cuts in case of a minor accident.

If you want to add a touch of adventure to your overnight stay, go on a night promenade near the camping area. All you’ll need is a lantern,and a compass or a GPS portable system. For dinner, don’t forget to pack canned foods and snacks to get some energy such as chocolate and protein bars.

Landscape Photography in Tuliman 

Other wonders in Tuliman you must look for are the sunrise and the rainbows that form around the falls. Also, don’t forget to visit the third area of the park to see its rocky landscapes, which offer the perfect scenery for impressive photos. Then, make the most of your camera with our photography tips.

  1. Remember that good photos have a point of interest or focal point. Find a special object in the landscape. It can be a mountain’s silhouette or a rock that protrudes from the cascade. Once chosen, focus your camera lens on it and soften the background to create a sense of depth.
  2. When you take outdoors photographs you must consider the effects of natural illumination. Remember that sunlight creates shadows and textures on objects at specific angles. Avoid huge shadows and look for an even proportion between the sky and the object you want to capture. This way there will be an adequate balance between colors and brightness.
  3. Take advantage of your natural surroundings. Focus on the way tree branches tilt when the air moves them or on the river’s current. Capture movement by using a lower shutter speed and closing the diaphragm.

Once you conclude your photo shooting, say goodbye to this beautiful natural setting with the promise to return some day. Don’t forget to share your experience with us, and let’s continue to travel together.