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The Best Places to Visit in Acapulco

By Daniel Alcalá |

Allow yourself to be pampered by the symbiosis between luxury and relaxed atmosphere of both faces of Acapulco.


In the Mexican Pacific coast, there’s a traditional port that has been visited by millions of people: it’s Acapulco, a touristic site that no one wants to miss when they travel to Mexico. In recent years, this beach destination has grown impressively, so the bay is no longer its main attraction. Actually, they have built a residential area known as Zona Diamante that’s full of luxury hotels, located near the open sea. There you can find great beaches that give visitors the chance to sunbathe and try exciting activities such as renting motorbikes, horseback riding, playing golf and tennis or even practicing amateur surfing.


Apart from staying in one of the exclusive resorts, you can also rent a furnished house with a swimming pool, the perfect place if you want to share the accommodations with other couples or with your friends. Also, this area is full of restaurants that specialize in seafood as well as Italian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, all of them ideal for a romantic dinner after a day of sea and sun.

And if you’re looking for tips about nightlife, near the airport there’s a shopping center that resembles the Italian city of Venice. There you’ll find interesting boutiques, bars and restaurants.


If you drive further to the south, you can reach another site that despite having a contrasting style, it has become a favorite among tourists. This is Barra Vieja, a beach stripe located between the Pacific and Tres Palos lagoon that is characterized by fine sand landscapes. Said area has a more casual atmosphere so it offers a carefree environment that little by little has been adopted by fans of SUVs and camping tents as well as people who enjoy traveling with their pets. One could say that Barra Vieja, a place where it’s not uncommon to find groups of tourists singing and playing melodies in their guitars by the campfire, still preserves the spirit of the Acapulco that was so popular a few decades ago.

Both sites complement each other perfectly. In fact, DINKtravelers believes that they form a peculiar symbiosis and, lucky for you, you can travel from one to the other in less than 30 minutes. Both offer opportunities for relaxation and fun, but their particularities allow you to include a bit of everything in your trip, from therelaxing effect of the beach to thrilling adventures and the luxury of gourmet cuisine. For this reason, don’t miss the chance to be pampered by this symbiosis and live the best of both faces of Acapulco.