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Visit the Archeological Site El Lagartero

By Alba Espinosa |

The Lagartero in Chiapas, Mexico, houses an archaeological site you can’t miss the chance to visit. Discover it with DINKtravelers.


Only 68 kilometers away from Comitán de Domínguez in northeastern Chiapas, México, there’s an archaeological site called El Lagartero, and even though in this state sites like Palenque and Bonampak are undoubtedly popular, DINKtravelers recommends going on an adventure to find a new magical corner.


Nestled in the community of Colon Lakes that used to be inhabited by the Mayan civilization, El Lagartero houses four pyramids, a ball game field and several structures that used to be part of houses and altars. However, what makes this place so enchanting is the landscape around it because you can appreciate, on one hand, a great amount of trees and mountains and, on the other, a grand lake. Without doubt, the best place to enjoy this scenery is from top of the pyramids, so go ahead and try a bit of touristic fitness and don’t hesitate to climb them. When you do, identify the peculiarities that make each pyramid unique, including tree trunks that are incrusted in their walls.

El Lagartero is located near the Mexican southern border with Guatemala, so the site blooms with exotic nature. Apart from being considered a relevant communications and trade point since Prehispanic times, nowadays it’s the meeting point for different ethnic groups from Chiapas and Guatemala.


In order to get there you must first cross Colon Lakes through a long dirt track, so don’t forget to wear tennis shoes or hiking boots. As you advance, you’ll pass several small crystal-clear waterfalls. Take into account that if you choose to drive there you’ll need to surround some parts of the river because there are no bridges that can help you cut the distance.

After this first stage you’ll have to continue on foot, a fact that makes the adventure more interesting. You’ll walk along trees of different species and rivers in which you’ll even get the chance to practice diving. There are 7-meter tall diving sites!

After your visit, pamper yourself by making a reservation at one of the small and tranquil town of Comitan’s hotels. There you can try the local cuisine and order the traditional chalupas –a type of tortilla chip topped with pork meat, recado (a type of coleslaw), cheese and a hot and semi-sweet sauce.

We invite you to add to your traveling experiences this marvelous route that’s full of history, nature and architecture. Jump into this adventure!