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Visit Coatepec, Veracruz! A Magic Town in Mexico

By Ale Coyote |

Coatepec is a Magic Town in Mexico that has become world renowned for its coffee. Visit the town and learn about its coffee tradition!

Traveling to the so-called Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns) in Mexico implies to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. These towns are protected by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism because of their beauty, history, and traditions. In previous articles we write about some of them like Tlalpujahua, Bacalar and Palenque. Today we will travel to the state of Veracruz to discover Coatepec.

Coatepec is also a very important town for coffee growers  since they use their land to plant coffee beans . Then, they export their best crops to countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and France. That’s why this destination is an excellent choice for DINKtravelers who are fond of coffee and heart-felt conversations.

Coatepec, a Town with a Coffee Farming Tradition

When you arrive at downtown Coatepec, you’ll find dozens of coffee shops. All of them offer a wide variety of coffee brewing methods. Try an aromatic cappuccino, drip coffee, an espresso, or the classical lecheros. If you’re not familiar with this last version, read this: lecheros are a combination of strong concentrated coffee with hot milk, served in a crystal glass. All of these versions reflect the special flavor of this Magic Town in Mexico.

Moreover, coffee shop owners like to add their own personal touch. Some of them roast the coffee beans more, while others prepare lighter brews. Also, many of them opt for creativity by serving them in cups with refined and artistic designs exclusive to the state of Veracruz. What is more, coffee shops in Coatepec are an attraction of their own. They’re famous for their fancy interior designs combined with  the most authentic Mexican style.

The Coffee of Coatepec

Locals believe that every cup of coffee in Coatepec gives you a reason to reflect on its elaboration process. Just think about the laborious work required during harvest season. Apart from that, a lot of care is needed to produce the perfect ground bean. And don’t forget about the talent behind its preparation. As the popular saying goes, good coffee has a pleasant taste even when it’s cold. However, locals recommend trying this coffee tasting method: First, sip the coffee and allow it to slowly stimulate your taste buds. Then, after swallowing it, you should still perceive the scent of roasted coffee. Also, your tongue should remain impregnated by a subtle aftertaste.

Souvenirs Made with Coffee Beans in Coatepec

After enjoying your cup of Java and the long conversations that accompany it, walk the streets of Coatepec. Visit the crafts shops where you’ll find trinkets made with coffee beans. Or if you prefer, buy gourmet souvenirs such as coffee beans covered with dark chocolate or a sweet and creamy coffee liqueur.

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Museums in Coatepec

In this Magic Town in Mexico you can find coffee even in the museums. One of them is the Café-Tal Apan Museum, a project of the coffee shops with the same name. In this museum they explain the origins of coffee and the process it goes through before you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Also, here you will find a collection of old materials and plantations that you will be able to visit. Another interesting museum of Coatepec is La Mata Museum. This former hacienda was built in the nineteenth century and preserves its original machinery. Here, you can learn even more about the production of coffee.

Former Coffee Haciendas in Coatepec

In addition to the museums, in this Magic Town in Mexico you can also visit former haciendas that will complement your visit. The Exhacienda of Orduña, was an important hacienda in Veracruz. Initially, it was dedicated to the production of sugarcane and then to coffee. It is said that in this place Maximilian of Habsburg stayed to rest with his wife Carlota, when they where on their way from Veracruz to Mexico City. It is currently a center of production, education and artistic residences named “La Ceiba Gráfica”. Here you can see lithographs of national and international artists, as well as works produced at La Ceiba.

On the other hand, the Hacienda El Trianon is mainly dedicated to the production of coffee. It has been active since 1901. It is said that a frequent visitor of this hacienda was the Veracruz poet Salvador Díaz Mirón. There, he found inspiration for various of his works.

Other Attractions in Coatepec

In addition to coffee tasting, in this Magic Town in Mexico you can admire buildings with diverse works of architecture. One of them is the City Hall, an art work of the nineteenth century that was built in several stages. Not only is the outside going to impress you, but also the inside. You’ll see colorful murals that decorate the walls, as well as a photo  worthy central courtyard.

Visit the Parish of San Jeronimo in Coatepec. A church founded by the Franciscans who settled in Coatepec in the sixteenth century, even though the building was completed in the eighteenth. Then, walk through the Hidalgo Park and enjoy a cup of coffee in the coffee shop below the park’s kiosk.

Finally, another popular activity of this Magic Town in Mexico, is orchid cultivation. Visit the Garden Museum of Orchids, located in downtown Coatepec. Here, you will see a collection of more than 5,000 orchids, of more than 2,000 different species. Be amazed by the miniature species that you will only be able to observe with a magnifying glass.

Enjoy your promenade along the paved streets of Coatepec surrounded by colonial buildings. And while you’re having a good time, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, recommends you to visit the coffee plantations that surround the inhabitants’ houses. Many of them will gladly open their doors for you and invite you in to have a hot and comforting cup of fresh roasted coffee.

You already know everything about Coatepec, so you are ready to start your trip to this Magic Town in Mexico. Prepare your bags, organize your tour and enjoy a cup coffee as you share your adventure with us.

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