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Two Days in Miami

By Nahoko Sato |

Go on a weekend getaway to Miami to get a sexy suntan, take a picture with a celebrity, dance until the sun rises and visit a National Historic Landmark.


Crystal clear blue skies & water, nice warm weather, white sand beaches, refreshing colorful cocktails… where can this be? What’s your guess? If you thought about Miami, then you guessed right!

There are many attractions you can enjoy at this lovely destination. Besides, Miami offers travelers warm weather throughout year. Still, the best time to travel to Miami is between November and March because that’s when you’ll find less humidity. But if you happen to plan a vacation during this season, it might be a good idea to pack a light sweatshirt or hoodie for chilly nights.


In Miami, going to the beach is a must! Pack your favorite swimwear and plan a whole day at South Beach. If you’ve dreamt all year long with the perfect beach landscape, get ready, because you’ll find it as soon as you arrive in this 16km (10 miles) long coastline that thrives with a carnival-like atmosphere. It’s like a magical! Take a swim, lay down on the sand, play beach volleyball or reserve a hydrotherapy treatment at one of the luxurious hotel spas in the area. Simply choose your favorite way to pamper yourself.


After enjoying the sun and sand and gaining back your zen, take a walk along Ocean Drive. It’s a well-known street where there are lots of cafes, but also where you’ll find Lummus Park Beach, a popular stretch of sand where photoshoots commonly take place, so take your camera because you might get lucky and spot a celebrity!

Then, go to your next stop at Miami Art Deco District. Take some pictures during daytime and create a postcard-worthy collection of photography of the world’s largest concentration of Art Deco architecture. Then, come back at night because this is the center of hip nightlife. Enjoy both faces of this landscape and dance all night long!


The following day, take a more artistic route and enjoy a bit of Europe in the United States. There’s a beautiful European style house located in South Miami Avenue, in the north Coconut Grove area, overlooking the famous Biscayne Bay, which currently houses the Vizcaya Museum and Garden. This house was a project by James Deering, a retired millionaire, who spent a whole decade planning and building it from 1910 to 1922. Before he built this house, he found inspiration in northern Italy. That’s the reason why what you’ll find when you visit Vizcaya is a modern and subtropical interpretation of an eighteenth-century Italian villa.

In 1952 Deering’s nieces conveyed the house to Dade County and the following year the property opened as the Dade County Art Museum, a name which later changed to Vizcaya Museum. Nowadays, more than 200,000 people visit it every year.

Inside the Main House, there are 34 decorated rooms showcasing lots of Italian antiques that reflect Deering’s interest in different periods of history. Actually, Vizcaya houses one of the most significant collections of Italian furniture in the United States.

Once your interior design curiosity is satisfied, go out to the European-inspired gardens. A splendid art collection will be waiting for you. Renaissance and Baroque statues, busts, vases and urns decorate Vizcaya’s gardens, so you’ll have a great time enjoying an abundance of art objects and structures.

If you want to take the best souvenirs of your trip home, organize a photo shoot at the gardens and grounds of Vizcaya (the only areas where photography is permitted) or for an extra portrait fee, bring a photographer with you and have a professional portrait taken.

End your visit to this National Historic Landmark by enjoying the exquisite dishes of the gourmet menu offered at the Vizcaya Café and Shop and go back home from your weekend getaway with a huge smile on your face (and a sexy suntan).