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How to Visit Golden Gate Bridge and Park

By Joel Hernández |

Visit San Francisco with its beautiful natural landscapes while enjoying one of its main tourist attractions, the Golden Gate bridge and park. 

There are countless of tourist sites in the US that possess an extraordinary natural wealth. Such is the case of the impressive Niagara Falls or the imposing Grand Canyon. However, there are also other sites that combine these natural miracles with engineering and architectural masterpieces. One of these is the monumental Golden Gate Bridge, which is as iconic as the Tower Bridge in London and even longer than the Millau and Bosphorus Bridges.

DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, invites you to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and its namesake Park, two emblematic and impressive tourist icons in San Francisco, California.

History of the Golden Gate Bridge

It was conceived as a link between the San Francisco peninsula in the north, and the Marin County in the south. It was meant to run across the Golden Gate strait, whose name was inspired by the strait of Constantinople.  

After the end of World War I, traffic across San Francisco Bay increased considerably, so the old ferry transportation system was insufficient for the increasing demand. Thus, the citizens voted in favor of building the bridge.  

Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District

In 1923 they created the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District in San Francisco. It was in charge of financing, building and operating the new bridge. Said district was incorporated in 1928 and it brought together the San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin and Del Norte counties, together with some territories in Mendocino and Napa.  

Golden Gate Bridge Construction

Golden Gate Bridge Construction

Construction began in 1933 and ended in 1937, when it was inaugurated on May 28th. The works were supervised by engineer Joseph Strauss. Because it was a suspension bridge, they had to build two 227 meter-tall towers above the sea level. They were made of prefabricated iron sections that were anchored to 34 meter-tall reinforced concrete bases that were built under sea level. Imagine how innovating this work was that it required the collaboration of divers in a time when portable oxygen tanks didn’t exist yet! Over 2000 meter-long cables, each made with 25,000 individual cables hang from the towers. They hold the bridge’s platform with the help of even more iron cables.  

Best way to Cross Golden Gate Bridge

An excellent way to see every detail of the Golden Gate is by crossing it. The fastest and most comfortable way of doing so is by car, but if you’re in good shape and want to enjoy the landscape, cross it on foot by walking along its sidewalks. You’ll enjoy impressive views! Don’t forget to take your camera with you and capture the moment. Another way of crossing it is on a bike, but if you don’t have one, you can hire a guided bike tour. It usually takes you to nearby sites, so choose the most appealing itinerary and cost here.  

Take a breath and stop at the Visitor’s Center. It’s located near the south tower. There you can learn about the history and engineering works of the bridge throughout six exhibit halls. It’s also the best place to ask for more information and buy souvenirs.  

Best places to see Golden Gate Bridge

Best places to see Golden Gate Bridge

If you wish to admire the bridge in all its splendor or take a photo with the bridge on the background while relaxing and enjoyingnature, go to one of the overlooks in the whereabouts. Some of the most popular ones are: Crissy Field, Fort Point, Fort Baker, Marshall Beach, Vista Point, Battery Spencer and Alcatraz.

Visit the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

After crossing the Golden Gate, we recommend visiting the namesake park so that you can catch your breath before continuing your tour around San Francisco. This park is over 5 kilometers wide and it houses beautiful gardens, woods and lakes.  

What to see in Golden Gate Park?

The park is so big that it houses several interesting attractions. Visiting them all in one single day would be impossible; however, DINKtravelers offers you some of the things you can’t miss:  

Music Concourse

It’s an oval-shaped open-air square that’s full of fountains and sculptures that represent the greatest minds in music and literature. It engulfs a neoclassical stage where they have music performances.  

Lake Stow

It’s the park’s biggest artificial lake, and the perfect place to relax while bird watching. There you’ll also find picnic tables, grills and a coffee shop. It’s also a place where you can rent a boat and sail across the water.  

Lake Stow

Flowers Conservatory

It’s the oldest Victorian-style botanic greenhouse in the US that still stands. It has an impressive collection of exotic plants.  

Flowers Conservatory

California Science Academy

It’s located in the heart of the park. It houses an aquarium with over 38,000 animals, a natural history museum, a tropical jungle ecosystem and the world’s biggest digital planetarium. 

At the park you’ll also find Japanese tea gardens, the De Young Art Musem and a herd of bison that inhabit the area, among many other things.  

Grab your bags and visit the colossal red bridge as well as the park located at Golden Gate District. They’re emblems of San Francisco, a bohemian and cosmopolitan city in the United States.