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New Orleans Music Tours

By Daniel Alcalá |

In New Orleans you’ll find artists that will fill your trip with jazz rhythms as they play their trumpets and saxophones.


As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, music is the perfect incentive to visit a new city and relate with its inhabitants. Such is the case of New Orleans home of jazz, where you can listen to unknown –but very talented– jazz artists while you tour around the most famous quarters of the city and you bathe in this peculiar rhythm.

New Orleans is one of the most visited cities in the United States. This is because it has a very pleasant weather with warm summers, fresh winters and only a few rainy days. It’s located in the Mississippi delta, in the southern American territory.

Apart from the weather, New Orleans is famous for being a destination where many musical genres find their source, the most famous of them: jazz, a rhythm that’s known for its expressiveness, improvisation and the life that surges through the piano, sax, clarinet and trumpet. It consists on a mixture of traditions although its main inspiration is the African American culture. In that sense, New Orleans was home to renowned musicians such as the trumpet player Louis Armstrong, perhaps the most famous interpreter of this genre.


During your trip to New Orleans you won’t be able to get this rhythm out of your soul as long as you visit some key meeting points. There are several bars where good jazz bands play; some of the most frequented are located in the French Quarter, a neighborhood built by Spaniards where music and architecture come together to create a lively vibe and fun nights. Walk some of its streets, like Bourbon Street, where you’ll find artists who’ll fill your trip and your steps with rhythm as you listen to the sound of their trumpets and sax. And that street not only harbors bars and hotels but also shops and boutiques.

Apart from the festive environment that’s so common in New Orleans, there are yearly music festivals in which jazz is always given a special place. In these events you can watch performances by modern jazz interpreters like Terence Blanchard and Nicholas Payton, apart from world-class singers such as Elton John. And music is not the only attraction in these festivals. You’ll also enjoy dances and exhibits of New Orleans’ cultural heritage.

DINKtravelers recommends traveling to this destination and allowing the music to become your muse. Remember that as John Philip Sousa said: “Jazz will continue to exist as long as people listen to it with their feet and not with their heads.”