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The best view in NYC

By Izhar Alonso |

Visit One World Observatory in NY and enjoy a 360-degree view of Manhattan. Discover The Great Apple and its history from great heights.


After the attacks of September 11th 2001 on the Twin Towers, which were part of New York’s World Trade Center, there was a need to build a structure that could replace them. Therefore, on April 27th 2006 they began the construction project of a complex that would house an impressive architectural work: the One World Trade Center, which was first named Freedom Tower in an attempt to link it to the Statue of Liberty. Nowadays, its name symbolizes the union of one world and the peace that this historical site invokes us to promote.


David Childs  was the architect who was in charge of the project. He had the task of making the One World Trade Center the tallest building in New York, with a height of 541 meters. When you find yourself near this skyscraper, you’ll immediately know that you’ve arrived because it’s taller than any other surrounding building. Also, its height won’t be the only characteristic you spot right away: it has a peculiar architectural structure defined by glass-covered triangular walls that reflect the New York skyline.


On May 29th 2015 the building opened its doors to the public. Now, it houses an observatory that’s located on the 100th floor and that DINKtravelers invites you to visit so that you can enjoy stunning views of the city.  In order to get to One World Trade Center, take the subway to World Trade Center Station. As you walk around this station you’ll find yourself immersed in a peaceful and white atmosphere created by the modern structure known as the Oculus. You’ll be amazed by its design and by the fact that it’s the world’s most expensive subway station.


You’ll find several surprises on your way to the observatory. Head to the elevator that will take you to the 100th floor and, before taking it, visit the Foundations exhibit. It shows the skyscraper’s construction history as well as videos of testimonies of people were involved in its construction process.

Take the elevator, but don’t expect it to be an ordinary one. The Sky Pod Elevator screens a digital projection of New York’s history, from the 16th century to the present. Try not to close your eyes because it only takes 47 seconds to reach your next destination on level 102: the See Forever Theater, a screening of New York’s daily life and… Well, if you want to discover what happens at the end of this screening, go and live the experience instead of being a victim of spoilers. We’ll say no more.

Soon after, you’ll have to go down two levels, but don’t worry; you’ll barely notice the difference in height. Finally, you reach One World Observatory on level 100 and you’ll get to enjoy the360-degree view of south Manhattan. Complement this experience with the One World Explorer, a gadget you’ll be able to get for an extra fee. It’s an iPad that serves as a virtual reality guide that helps visitors find information about the buildings and areas that can be seen from the observatory.


  • Sky Portal: Stand on screens that create the optical illusion of floating above the streets of the Big Apple.
  • City Pulse: It’s a ring of screens that shows in real time what’s going on at some of New York’s sites of interest. Also, it allows you to read tweets visitors are posting about those sites.
  • Restaurant and souvenir shop: Don’t forget to have a coffee or dine with a view. Also, visit the souvenir shop and take this experience home.


  • Buy your tickets online to skip lines and choose your visiting hours. Consider your timing so that you’re up there at sunset.
  • Check the observatory calendar news and take the weather into account before planning your visit. Depending on weather conditions and holidays the observatory might cancel some activities.
  • After your visit, go to the 9/11 Memorial. It’s a perfect place to take some time for reflection.