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Visit The New Yankee Stadium in New York

By Paulina Sánchez |

Visit the Yankee Stadium and fall in love with the history of baseball as you learn about the legend Babe Ruth in your next trip to New York.

One of the most complete destinations according to travelers is, undoubtedly, New York. It’s art fans’ favorite spot thanks to museums such as the MoMa and the Guggenheim. It also houses iconic monuments such as the Statue of Liberty. What’s more, it’s a great place for nature lovers who enjoy visiting Niagara Falls or Central Park. But New York is also a must when it comes to sports. That’s why today we’re taking you to visit one of the world’s most famous stadiums: the Yankees Stadium.

Old Yankee Stadium

When the Yankees bought Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox they didn’t know they would change the history of baseball forever. It was thanks to this player that the team won the inaugural game at the stadium known as The Big Ballpark in The Bronx or The Cathedral of Baseball. Precisely, on April 18th 1923, when the team played its first home game, Babe Ruth was gifted a big baseball bat during the opening ceremony and the Yankees defeated Ruth’s former team 4-1, with Ruth scoring 3 home runners. Thanks to this triumph and given that this player led the Yankees to their first World Series championship, the stadium was also nicknamed The House that Ruth Built.

Old Yankee Stadium

The stadium was home to the 1923-1973 and the 1976-2008 seasons. It was located in the Bronx, in New York. In total, they played 6,581 regular NBL season games there. Also, it was one of the first baseball fields to be called “stadium”. Before it was built, this sport was only practiced in fields or ballparks, not in stadiums.

Events at Old Yankee Stadium

It was the owner of the Yankees, Jacob Ruppert, who paid for the construction of the stadium, which was defined as one of the biggest in the United States. Not only was it used for baseball games, but also for box matches, concerts and papal services.

Perhaps the most famous of these events was the NFL Championship game in 1958, known as the Best Game Ever Played. The teams that faced each other in this game were the Baltimore Colts, who won with 23 points and the New York Giants, who scored 17 points. It was the first playoff game to go to sudden-death overtime.

New Yankee Stadium Construction

The old stadium was remodeled in the mid-seventies, so its appearance changed a lot. Nevertheless, in 2006 a new stadium was built with a 2.3 billion dollar investment, in an area adjacent to the original stadium. They still offered tours of the original stadium, until all the collectibles were relocated in the new building. The new stadium would house a field, a museum, restaurants, a souvenir store, and other amenities. The new Yankees Stadium opened in 2009 and, a year later, the original stadium was demolished and turned into a ballpark known as Heritage Field.

New Yankee Stadium Construction

Music at the New Yankee Stadium

At the original Yankees stadium they had the tradition of playing New York, New York by Frank Sinatra after each home game. Then, after the 9/11 attacks they started playing God Bless America in the seventh inning stretch. A year later, they began to play Take Me out to the Ballgame by Kate Smith. Other popular songs have also been played at the stadium, including the beginning of Workaholic, by 2 Unlimited, which was played whenever the Yankees made a home run, and Enter Sandman by Metallica, when player Mariano Rivera entered the field. Then, since 1998, when the Yankees won the World Series, they started playing We Are The Champions by Queen followed by New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.

New York Yankees Stadium Tour

One of the most popular sports-related tourist activities in New York is taking a tour of the Yankees Stadium. Consider that, in order to do this, you must buy your tickets and book your tour in advance on the stadium’s website. Usually, tours take place between 11:00 and 13:00 h, but the only bilingual tour (English/Spanish) is programmed at 13:00 h.

The areas the tours usually visits include the New York Yankees Museum, the Monument Park, the press box, and the dugout, so you’ll enjoy the best views of the stadium from different perspectives, and have access to VIP areas.

New York Yankees Stadium Tour

How to Get to the New York Yankees New Stadium

Once you’ve booked your tour, keep in mind that you must arrive 15 minutes before it begins and meet the group at the entrance of theHard Rock Cafe at the stadium. The nearest subway station is 161st St – Yankee Stadium and you can get there by taking trains B and D from Manhattan. The ride takes around 30 min.

DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, recommends you travel to New York in January, since you can find this tour and many other events and attractions at great discounts or 2 for 1 tickets during the New York Week.

What to See at the New Yankee Stadium Museum

What to see at the New Yankee Stadium Museum

The museum you’ll visit when you take the tour of the stadium exhibits trophies, photos and other objects related with the team’s history. It also has the collection of rings the Yankees have won in the World Series, and 870 baseballs autographed by players and coaches. The museum opens only when there are no games programmed.

The Treasures at New York Yankees Monument Park

In this part of the stadium you’ll find an open-air museum that exhibits a collection of monuments, plaques and retired numbers. You’ll also see plaques in honor of popes Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, as well as one dedicated to Nelson Mandela, who visited the stadium in 1990.

One of the retired player numbers was Henry Louis Gehrig’s number four. His nickname was “the iron horse”, and he played with the Yankees his whole career. He was the Most Valuable Player twice, and All-Star player on seven consecutive occasions. He also played in six World Series. In 1939, he was chosen for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and his player number was the first to be retired. Unfortunately, an incurable neuromuscular disease put an end to his career and forced him to retire at 36, before he passed away two years later. Since his passing, scientists have struggled to find a cure for this illness, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. On your visit to Monument Park, you’ll find a plaque dedicated to Gehrig.

What to Eat at the Yankee Stadium

If you visit the stadium on a game day, you’ll find many food and snack options. In fact, there are 25 fast food restaurants and 112 stalls. Baseball fan’s favorite foods are hamburgers and sandwiches (there are vegan options available), popcorn, ice cream, beer, sushi, salads, BBQ ribs, pizza, and even milk shakes.

Where to Sit at the Yankee Stadium

Make sure you choose the best seats for your next Yankees game. Usually, tickets cost between 40 and 400 USD. Evidently, the most expensive seats are located behind the home plate, at mid-height in the stands.

However, if you travel with a group of friends, we recommend you reserve a private suite for 12-34 people. These include food and non-alcoholic beverages, parking, gifts, a private restroom and a great view of the field. Not traveling with a big group? You can still enjoy a VIP experience by reserving Premium seats at the Ketel One Lounge, located near the first base, or the Halstead Lounge, located near the third base. This option includes a buffet and non-alcoholic drinks, table service, cushioned seats, private restrooms and concierge services. Additional benefits included in this program are ticket discounts and greet and meet experiences.

Where to sit at Yankee Stadium

Sustainability at the New Yankee Stadium

In DINKtravelers we love destinations that are concerned with sustainability, and the Yankees Stadium is one of them. On April 3rd 2019, the Yankees became the first North American sports team to join the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, whose purpose is to reduce greenhouse emissions and inspire other to adopt green practices. But this initiative only complements what the stadium already offers. Among its eco-friendly qualities, the Yankees stadium:

  • Has high-efficiency LED illumination.
  • Has an entrance hall bigger than that of any other sport events venue in the world. Its distribution promotes natural cooling and ventilation, substituting the need for air conditioning.
  • Applies compost and recycling systems for food packing, trays, plates, cups and other items.
  • Is built with recycled structural iron and recycled concrete.
  • Continuously checks its drain systems, allowing the stadium to save 3 million water gallons per year, compared with the amount of water spent in the old stadium.

Now that you know everything you can do at the place that witnessed Babe Ruth’s legendary story, score a home run and make sure you visit the Yankees Stadium in your next trip to New York.