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Fun Gift Ideas for Christmas

By José Ramírez |

In Christmas, give something original thanks to the ideas offered by destinations such as Argentina and Philippines, and guarantee having a prosperous life.


During this time of the year people gather to celebrate, eat, drink and exchange gifts. Gifts are part of the most emotional traditions of this season, so on this occasion, DINKtravelers wants to share with you some ideas from different countries you might visit so that you can plan your shopping and wrapping on time.


In Argentina, gifts must be opened at midnight on the 25th. And one thing that makes people enjoy and laugh a lot is a gift exchange among women, since they give each other pink underwear.

Once the lingerie is ready, the question is: When are you supposed to wear it? If you wear it on December 31st for the New Year’s celebration, it’s said that the New Year will bring you good luck and prosperity.

Although it’s not really clear whether their origin is pagan or religious, the traditions related with exchanging gifts and the symbolism of different-colored types of underwear has put down roots in several Latin American countries.

And so, prepare to receive or give undies. If you’re extra lucky and you’re gifted the edible version… we can’t assure that you’ll find prosperity next year but we don’t doubt you’ll enjoy a sweet, naughty and delightful night in a playful environment.


In contrast we find the Philippines, a country that despite having adopted several Western traditions, has also taken on Chinese customs.

During the holidays –as well as in other celebrations–, the Philippines usually give Ang Pao: envelopes with money inside. And even if the total amount needn’t be high, it must add up an even number. The envelopes are always red and they’re commonly decorated with good luck symbols as a way of wishing the receiver prosperity and blessings.

These very useful envelopes’ origin dates back to the Qin Dynasty. Back then, adults used to give the youngsters some coins tied with a red ribbon. They believed that this would keep the evil spirits away guaranteeing the well being and long lives of the receivers.

If you’re planning to travel this December, don’t forget to pack your pink underwear –red and yellow panties are also common during these celebrations– and cross your fingers hoping someone surprises you with an Ang Pao. When you get back from your trip, don’t forget to share your experience with DINKtravelers, especially if you participate in a gift exchange.