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Touristic Attractions in Buenos Aires

By Alba Espinosa |

Travel to Buenos Aires to meet Mafalda and visit El Federal café. Find tradition in the neighborhood of San Telmo.


Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a great place to find the perfect union between port and city. It’s the soul of Argentinian identity because, ever since navigation became important in the territory, a long time ago, it received the influence of different immigrants that arrived, mainly, from Spain and Italy. As they spent time with the natives, these newcomers created a combination of customs that still prevail.


Despite being one of Latin America’s biggest cities, its traditional neighborhoods never seize to amaze. Some of the oldest ones still conserve their original urban distribution and architecture from Spanish colonial times. One neighborhood that falls into this category is San Telmo, with its picturesque paved streets that make you feel as if time had never passed.


DINKtravelers recommends starting your tour in Defensa Street, which surges from Mayo Square and practically crosses all the historical center of Buenos Aires. At the corner of Defensa and Chile, you’ll find a monument that’s dedicated to a small girl who was created in the 1960s and who has stolen the hearts of many people thanks to her witty way of questioning the world’s injustices and social problems. Her name: Mafalda. Throughout the day hordes of visitors arrive with the purpose of taking a picture with her and her inseparable friends, Manolito and Susanita. Don’t hesitate to take a selfie with them as well! This way you’ll become part of the identity this comic strip has helped create and that has promoted awareness about our need to create a better world.


In this neighborhood where Mafalda lives you can also enjoy the lively spirit promoted in local bars and cafés that flood most of the streets filling the atmosphere with a bohemian feeling of tango and rock. There, activities vary from enjoying cold beer at the terraces to listening to live music in the interior. A fine example of these places is the Bar-Café el Federal, which you’ll easily locate after visiting Mafalda if you continue walking along Defensa street and then turn right on Carlos Calvo street.

Mingling in cafés is a typical activity in Buenos Aires. That’s why there’s a committee that selects the most outstanding cafés that are known for their architectonic, artistic and historic value, and then awards them the recognition of “Café Notable” (notable café). ActuallyEl Federal is one of them.


If you visit San Telmo on a Sunday, you’ll find a very different atmosphere to the one that’s common the rest of the week. This is because between 10 and 17h the San Telmo houses the Old Things and Antiquities Street Fair. There you can buy everything from filetes porteños (a type of poster with an iconic phrase written in bright colors) to collectible bills and coins.

Don’t hesitate and travel to Buenos Aires to find tradition in San Telmo!