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The Most Impressive Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

By Janneth López |

Discover the most impressive skyscrapers of Hong Kong’s skyline, ride one of the world’s fastest elevators and enjoy a lights and music show in Victory Port .

The old British colony of Hong Kong combines the best of the Eastern and Western world. Its religious sites in Lantau, inspire travelers who want to promote spirituality. That’s why we’ve taken you to this island to visit the Tian Tian Buddha. Its gastronomy, characterized by delicious wontons, and its Giant Panda sanctuaries have made us feel full and in contact with the splendid nature. Today, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, will introduce you to the urban landscape of this multifaceted metropolis. Prepare to see Hong Kong from its skyscrapers.

 When we think about Asia, the first thing that comes to mind is tradition. And it’s true; the culture of countries like China or Japan are impregnated with tradition and history. However, they are also countries with an impressive technological and urban development. Another example of this is Hong Kong, a former British colony, which nowadays is a financial center of great importance.

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Apart from being monumental, skyscrapers symbolize other relevant messages. Mostly, they represent the economical power of a certain city or country. And even though the history of skyscrapers began in Chicago during the 19thcentury, today Hong Kong’s skyline is also quite impressive. 

Hong Kong’s territory is usually hit by very strong winds and only 24% of its territory is inhabitable. Given these circumstances, the city had to look for alternatives when the population began to grow. That’s why they started expanding to the sky by building numerous skyscrapers. Now we’ll mention a few of these buildings that, given their history or design, are quite fascinating. 

International Commerce Centre

With its amazing 484 meters, the International Commerce Center is the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. 

It houses offices, shops and luxurious hotels, as well as a rooftop bar. As a fun fact, this skyscraper has one of the fastest elevators, so 60 seconds are enough to reach the 100thfloor. 

We suggest visiting the Sky100 overlook where you’ll enjoy beautiful 360opanoramic views. You can also have a coffee or tea, or learn about Hong Kong’s history and culture through the interactive multimedia exhibit they have in the building. 

International Commerce Centre

Bank of China Tower

Bank of China Tower

Its construction ended in 1989 and it was the tallest building in Asia until 1992. It was also the first skyscraper built outside the United States. For this reason, the Bank of China Tower was a symbol of reunification and of the growing wealth of this Asian powerful nation. 

Apart from its height of 367 meters, this building is also relevant thanks to its architecture. It’s made up of continuous tetrahedrons of different heights. As you reach the higher floors, you can see that the construction becomes thinner. Also, thanks to its aluminum coating, sunlight reflects on the surface creating a nice optical effect. You’ll be surprised to learn that for its design, I.M Pei found inspiration in bamboo canes as they symbolized growth and progress. DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, suggests going up to the 17thfloor where you’ll find the Sky-Lobby bar with its magnificent views. 

Two International Finance Centre

Maybe you don’t know this, but this building is quite a star. It’s one of the world’s most famous skyscrapers since it has been featured in Hollywood films such as Lara Croft Tomb Raider: the cradle of lifeand Batman: the Dark Knight.

It was built in 2003 and it soars at 415 meters. We recommend going up to the 55thfloor to enjoy a great view for free. Also, since the building houses the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, they have an interesting exhibit of coins and bills. 

Two International Finance Centre

Central Plaza

Central Plaza is a 374 meter-tall construction that was built as a triangular prism and crowned with a pyramid. Its shape and aesthetic sense is also functional. So that most of the offices had a view to the port, engineers and architects that participated in its design gave it a triangular shape. 

The façade has a reflecting crystal wall and inside the building there are several rows of vertical windows that are lit at night mirroring the building’s shape. Also, at the base of the building there’s a public space that’s connected to the building’s foundations through bridges that rise above the streets. 

Central Plaza

Victoria Peak

Not all the great views in Hong Kong are found in skyscrapers. There are also natural overlooks. That’s why we suggest climbing Victory Peak, the tallest point in Hong Kong.Day or night, sunrise or sunset, weather permitting, you’ll enjoy impressive panoramic views and you’ll have the best seat to photograph Hong Kong’s skyline. 

Victory Peak houses the tallest overlook in Hong Kong, Sky Terrace 428, with 360views. If you wish to rest for a while or shop for souvenirs, here you’ll find several malls such as Peak Tower and Peak Galleria. 

You can’t visit Hong Kong and not go to Victory Peak! 

Sky Terrace 428, with 360o views

Symphony of lights

In order to have an enriching experience, DINKtravelers suggests watching the most famous lights show in Hong Kong. 

Symphony of lights is a lights and music show in which over 40 buildings participate. It’s divided into five phases: 

  • Awakening, symbolizing Hong Kong’s growth. 
  • Energy, representing the city’s strength. 
  • Inheritance, referring to the city’s culture and traditions. 
  • Collaboration, symbolizing the union between both sides of the bay 
  • Celebration, representing the brilliant future of Hong Kong. 
Symphony of lights

Through laser lights, led screens and musical effects, Hong Kong offers a show that will leave you in awe. The show was first held in 2004 and it was renewed in 2017. It takes places every single day at 20:00h and it’s only cancelled when there’s a strong tropical cyclone. 

Other ways to enjoy Symphony of Lights

In order to enjoy a better experience, you can pay for a cruise or tour along Victory Port. You can also head to Tsim Sha Tsui, south of Kowloon, located between the Avenue of the stars and the Cultural Center of Hong Kong. 

If you wish to relive the experience or if you missed the show, there are radios stations that transmit Symphony of Lights in different languages. Also, you can download A Symphony of Lights app, available for Android and iOS and enjoy the SoL audio anytime and anywhere. 

Enjoy the show!