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Choshi Travel

By José Ramírez |

Too much hustle in Tokyo? Travel to Choshi: you’ll find one-of-a-kind views in its observatory and in the Inubou-Saki lighthouse, and you’ll relax in a Japanese bath.


During the cold season, the vacation alternatives that come to our mind include destinations in which you can practice winter sports such as ski in Aspen or ice-skating in Belgium. But think out of the box and travel east: DINKtravelers wants to invite you to a destination where you can relax, eat well and take Japanese baths.

Tokyo is a favorite city among travelers because there are many activities you can enjoy such as shopping in Ginza. It also has many architectonic attractions like the Skytree, which continues to be the tallest tower in the world. If after several days of coming and going you want to enjoy a panoramic view, a delicious sushi and a hot Japanese bath, we recommend visiting Choshi.


Choshi is a small town located 106km away from Tokyo. It’s approximately a two-hour drive; more or less the same amount of time it takes you to get there by train, so simply choose your favorite alternative. If you choose the latter, you must head to Inubou-Saki station.

Choshi is quaint and calm, so it will give you the chance to enjoy Japan in a different way. Besides, it houses two attractions that are worth visiting: the Inubou-Saki lighthouse and the Horizontal Observatory.


Choshi is a fishing port that was built in 1874 and is 31.5m tall. You can climb to the top through a spiral staircase that has 90 steps! Don’t worry if you lose count, every 10 steps you’ll find the number of climbed steps marked on the floor. Once at the top, you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the ocean and countless ships, mostly fishing boats or merchant vessels.

Nearby you’ll find the fish market, an excellent place to buy fresh fish at a lower place than you will anywhere in Tokyo. Therefore, prepare your wallet and choose your favorite sushi.


It’s an excellent spot to visit at dusk because it’s located 73 meters over sea level in Mount Atago. From top of the observatory you’ll have a 360-degree view with Mount Tsukuba in the North, the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Byobugaura cliff in the south, and Kujukuri-hama beach in the west. So don’t forget to pack your camera because we guarantee that you’ll find picture-perfect landscapes. Hear us out: once you’re up there, walk towards the center of the building. There’s a plaque on the floor that will help you locate the cardinal points.

Once you’ve visited these two touristic attractions, find lodging at one of the town’s hotels. End your trip with an exquisite dinner and fully relaxed with a bath in their hot springs.