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Discover the Eiffel Tower of Japan

By José Ramírez |

Tokyo Tower’s design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower. It’s one of the most important and tallest attractions in Tokyo.


For sure, one of our favorite cities is Tokyo, because it allows you to feel the freedom of open spaces covered with green areas, or lose yourself in mystic temples that emulate the concept of inner peace the Japanese culture promotes so much. Of course, we also like to visit great urban attractions like the Disney Tokyo Theme Park or the most outstanding buildings in the city such as the Skytree.

Not long ago, in another article, we talked about the Skytree –considered the world’s tallest communications tower with its 634m– and of the engineering pride it symbolizes for the city. However, today DINKtravelers invites you to visit the Tokyo Tower because, even if it’s no longer the tallest tower, it’s an attraction you can’t miss on your visit to this world capital.

It was built by Tachū Naitō, who created its design inspired by the Eiffel Tower. When the structure was finished, it was 30m taller than the Parisian icon and 3,300 tons lighter. The Tokyo Tower was finished in 1958 and it pleased the Japanese not only because it symbolized the quick economic growth the country had during those years, but because it became the world’s tallest tower in its time.

Nowadays the tower is mainly used as a communications antenna that broadcasts radio and TV content, so despite having been surpassed by the Skytree, one of its main uses is to back up the functions of its successor.


The antenna is 333 meters tall, and if you wish to take a close look of Zojoji Temple, go to the 145m high observation deck. However, in order to enjoy a 360 view of Tokyo, climb up to the observation deck located at 250m. Take into account that in order to reach this deck you’ll have to climb up some stairs, but the effort will be worth it because on a clear day, you’ll get the chance to see Mount Fuji and the City of Sciences in Tsukuba.


From whichever observation deck you choose to visit you’ll have an unforgettable view before you. Since the tower is located in downtown Tokyo, it offers different landscapes depending on the season when you plan your trip. For example, if you travel during sakura week, in spring, you’ll find that the street that leads to the tower will be completely covered in cherry blossom.


Apart from learning about communications technology and enjoying the landscapes, if you enjoy shopping, then visit the first three levels of the tower where you’ll find, among many things, souvenirs related with this magnificent structure.

In case you purchase heavy or big items, keep in mind that at the lobby they have locker rooms where you can keep your things without worrying about carrying, damaging or losing them. By the way, when you visit the lobby, look around at the photos that are displayed there because they tell the story of this project’s development during the 50s.


If you like Manga comics you’ll love to learn about this attraction in Tokyo Tower. In 2015 they inaugurated One Piece Tower, an entertainment hall for One Piece fans that is located on the tower’s third floor. Apart from participating in photo shootings with the popular characters, you’ll get the chance to play at the pinball machine in Franky’s park, fight sailors on the way to Ussop, enjoy a 360 experience at One Piece Theater and play all your beris at Nami Casino. Uh… perhaps only manga fans understood those terms but, even if you’re not familiar with the stories, trust us, you’ll have fun.


  • On the observation deck’s second floor there’s a sanctuary where you can make a wish. Because it’s located at a great height compared to Tokyo city, it’s considered one of the best places to wish for a promotion at work, a good score in an exam or good luck in love.
  • Remember that in Japan there are many attractions where you can collect stamps that serve as souvenirs of your visit to those places, so don’t forget your travel journal and collect your Tokyo Tower stamp.
  • If you like sending postcards to make your friends at home share your travel adventures with you, don’t forget to send one from the mailbox located in the tower’s observation deck.

Visit Tokyo and add to your travel plans a visit to Tokyo Tower. It will make your trip to Japan a memorable one.