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2 Days in Seoul

By Nahoko Sato |

Do you have two days to spend in the exciting city of Seoul in South Korea? We’ll tell you how to spend them fruitfully.

Picture this: you have two days to visit Seoul. What will you do? Try tasty food? Go shopping? Get a special massage? Will there be enough time to do everything?

DINKtravelers will tell you how to spend two fruitful days in the exciting city of Seoul in South Korea. Read on!

Once you arrive at your destination, appease your hunger to get energy for your trip. Introducing two famous dishes: Samgyetang and Sundubu Jjigae. Samgytang is a delicious soup prepared with a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, garlic, ginseng, jujube and chestnut. It’s well known as a very healthy recipe because, for example, ginseng enhances your heart functions while jujube and chestnut protect your stomach. What’s more, chicken is a high-protein food that might help lower your bad cholesterol levels. And in general, the soup will help to recover from a long flight.

On the other hand, don’t miss trying Sundubu Jigae as well. Even though it’s also soup, eating it is a completely different experience. Sundubu is a very soft tofu, and in this soup it’s paired with clam and oysters or pork, welsh onions, garlic, chili, sesame oil and salt. Careful! It’s a spicy recipe! But don’t worry; it’s a kind of spicy you will become addicted to. Trust us, the harmony between the hot soup, Sundubu and the other ingredients will become a favorite!

After you’re fueled up, go shopping! Korea is a shopper’s paradise because there are many fashion boutiques. We recommend going to Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun. In these two areas you’ll find everything you need, especially, if you’re into beauty treatments and cosmetics. Travel tip: a facial mask could be a good choice after your flight because the treatment will rehydrate your skin. Another recommendation: You probably won’t finish visiting all the stores in one day, so check out the malls’ maps and go to the stores you are interested in visiting first. Also, wear comfortable shoes if you want to survive your shopping tour!

After a day at the malls, the best way to relax will be to have a nice unique body treatment. Scrubs, the Artemisia hipbath, and mudpack are famous in Korea. Good news: you can get a package to try all three of them! First, go with scrubbing. It will eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. After that, try the Artemisia hipbath. It has been said that Artemisia reduces inflammation, alleviates itching and has antibacterial properties. Lastly, ask for the mudpack. This is when “spa” means fun. All your body will be covered in mud and then you’ll have to wait until it dries. Once you look like a cute adobe doll, you’ll be asked to rinse it off and then… your skin will feel like that of a newborn’s.

Your itinerary is ready. Let’s pack and travel to Seoul!