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Night Markets in Taiwan

By Brenda Nieto |

Enjoy a delicious experience by having Taiwanese food at one of the night markets of Taipei.


Asia is full of exotic and mysterious places that you’ll enjoy visiting; they all possess unique secrets that enchant visitors and that may come in the shape of modern cities, fascinating cultures or diverse traditions.

Taiwan is one of those famous destinations located in Asia. It’s an island that’s always been in contact with countries like China and Japan, a situation that has led to an interesting cultural mixture that can be perceived in different ways, mainly in its food; for example, in the way they cook soups or noodles and the type of spices they add to prepare meats.

Taiwan sells a wide variety of products that are abundant in its geographical area. An example of this is fresh seafood, which is commonly sautéed in Taiwanese gastronomy to create savory dishes.


One of the most recommended tourist attractions for foodies who visit Taiwan is the city of Taipei, where you can find night markets and theme restaurants that offer the perfect environment to discover the Taiwanese culture from up close.

Night markets come alive after sunset and sometimes they take up whole streets. They include hawker stalls and street vendors that sell all kinds of items, from clothes, cell phone accessories and massage sessions to, most importantly, food.

These markets have become famous thanks to their culinary variety because they concentrate the use of different cooking techniques, flavors and scents that make visiting the market an experience that stimulates all the senses.


One of the most common dishes you’ll find in night markets is de hújiāo bïng, which is a steamed bread filled with meat. Other famous dishes include shrimp or oyster-filled tortillas, stinky tofu and fried tofu cake.

On the other hand, dumplings are made with a type of pasta that wraps varied fillings and is sealed like a small sack. Its method of preparation and the content of the dumplings is very diverse, just like their flavors; for example, they can be prepared in a soup or eaten by themselves, some have sweet fillings and some are filled with ground beef or pork meat.

If you like sweeter tastes, in the market you’ll get the chance to drink the famous bubbling tea or bubble tea, created in Taiwan in the late 1980s. It combines small bubbles of fruit-flavored tapioca with different varieties of tea, and sometimes it may also be prepared with milk, which gives it a creamier taste. This beverage is not the only refreshing offer you’ll find in the markets, because they also house many stalls in which fresh fruit vendors prepare beverages of different fruit flavors.

Another sweet dish you’ll find is aiyu jello, which is prepared with the gel that is extracted fromaiyu seeds when rubbing them against each other. They’ll probably serve it bathed in honey and lemon juice.

These are some of the dishes you’ll find in the night markets of Taipei. They’re all delicious, so DINKtravelers recommends trying all of them, buying some souvenirs while visiting the market and discovering the culinary variety this country has to offer.