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The World’s Tallest Green Building

By José Ramírez |

Whether you like sports tourism, sustainable travel or photography contests, visit Taipei 101, the world’s tallest green building.


Taipei 101 is the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan, and therefore, it’s one of the country’s most famous tourist icons. In it you’ll discover more than a tall building because the high tech engineering with which it was built makes it the world’s tallest green building in the world.

In our trip to Taiwan we were amazed to discover that this skyscraper was planned to become the tallest in the world, and it was for some time, since its inauguration in 2003 until 2010. With its 508 meters of height and its 101 floors, it is now the world’s eight tallest building after several other skyscrapers including the Burj Khalifa.


Even though in terms of height Taipei 101 has already been surpassed, something in which no other building is better is in its green qualities. First, it was built with high tech elements; for example, two of its elevators are still the fastest in the world since they reach a speed of up to 60km/h. Nevertheless, the greatest tech advances found in the building cannot really be seen but they make it the greenest tallest building in the world. In that sense, it has structures that collect rainwater with which they water the building’s green areas. Also, it possesses machines that make ice at night, using the lower temperatures characteristic of those hours, and that is used during the day as part of the building’s cooling system.

Apart from that, the skyscraper has many sensors. Some of them turn the air conditioner and lights off in empty rooms, while others bring in air from the exterior when the levels of carbon dioxide in the building rise.

For all these reasons, Taipei 101 was the first building of such height to get the LEED-EBOM Platinum distinction, becoming the tallest sustainable building in the world. That’s why it’s part of DINKtravelers’ favorite monumental structures.


One thing that’s common in all skyscrapers and that is not an exception in Taipei 101 is that on one the top floors you’ll find an observatory. In this case it’s located on level 89, although, weather permitting, if you want an even more spectacular view, then you should go to the lookout on level 91. When you go from the observatory to the lookout you’ll notice there’s a giant round golden structure hanging in the center of the building on level 88. This sphere is a shock-absorbing counterweight that protects the building in case of an earthquake. This gives the Taiwan 101 enough stability to resist earthquakes of up to 7 degrees on the Richter scale.


If you like sports and you have great conditioning and cardiovascular health, Taipei 101 offers you a great challenge. Since 2005 they organize the Taipei 101 Run up race in which athletes from all over the world gather to run up 91 floors! Now you know, before traveling to Taiwan, train hard if you want to join the race. Just take into account that you’ll have to climb up 2046 steps.


Taipei 101 also offers a great option in case you like photography because you’ll get the chance to participate in its yearly Taipei 101 International Photography Contest. If you win, your work will be exhibited in the skyscraper’s gallery, so it will be seen by hundreds of travelers from all over the world. Therefore, prepare your lenses and photography equipment and start shooting!

Finally, at dawn, go to Elephant Mountain and enjoy the view of the city. You’ll be able to spot Taipei 101 towering over all the other buildings.