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Langkawi Beaches

By José Ramírez |

Langkawi, Cursed Island, offers you the chance to live a great adventure: swimming with sharks, crossing the Skybridge and eating durian.


It’s common to travel to popular inhabited destinations where you usually find a developed touristic infrastructure that includes highways, restaurants and hotel services. However, there’s also the chance to live new experiences in destinations that are on the process of being made known. On this occasion, DINKtravelers recommends visiting Langkawi, popularly known as Cursed Island.


For a long time people believed the island was cursed because, according to the legend, a beautiful woman was accused of adultery and, as a consequence, she was executed. In revenge, she cursed Langkawi for a time period of seven generations, so it took a while –until 1986– for the government of Malaysia to transform the place into a touristic destination.

Langkawi is an archipelago of 140 islands in which the main activity is “Island Hopping”, this means touring the different islands in the area. Although most tours include only three islands, all of them are rich in mangroves, red eagles (considered a local symbol) and picture-worth beaches.

Most of these islands are uninhabited, so you will be in full contact with nature. At the beach you’ll also find several monkeys, but keep an eye on your belongings! These playful beings are pick-pocketing specialists.

While swimming in the ocean it’s possible that you’ll fill small pinches, but don’t worry, they’re just little fish bites. Once you get used to these marine “kisses” you’ll be ready for a more intense experience: swimming with sharks. In some islands they’ll allow you to swim with baby sharks. They’re quite shy, so most of the times they’ll just try to avoid you. Our best choices for this experience are Barau and Datai bays, and Cenang and Tengah islands.


In 2007 the UNESCO declared Langkawi World Geopark, and one of its main conservation sites is Kilim Karst Park to which you arrive by cable car. Probably you’ve already seen this place in pictures since it’s home to the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge: a curved 700-meter tall suspension bridge. Its structure allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical jungle, the famous cascade of the seven wells and the lake known as “Lake of Pregnant Maiden”, in reference to the place’s legend.


Don’t forget that Malaysia is one of the world’s main producers of durian, the smelliest fruit in the world, so if you visit the town you’ll be able to find this fruit at a fair price and great quality. Make sure you buy the local variety rather than the one imported from Thailand because it tastes different. Also, eat some durian ice cream and try other tropical fruit flavors like mango, but be patient because it’s usually made at the moment.