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Sustainable Tourism in Thailand

By Ana Torres |

Discover the benefits of sustainable tourism and prepare to enjoy a vacation in the natural paradise of Thailand. Just follow our travel advice.

By traveling, you can help raise awareness about the conservation of nature through the promotion of a culture of respect for the places you visit. DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, acknowledges sustainable tourism as a way to promote the conservation of local flora and fauna

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Thailand? Perhaps you thought about nature and elephants. You’re right! That’s because Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, has a privileged weather that has turned its geography into an earthly paradise. It’s the perfect place if you want to travel and at the same time contribute to environmental protection. Keep reading and you’ll learn why.

Important Places in Thailand 

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, but other important cities include Nakon, Khon Kaen and Chiang Mai. For a decade, the Thai government has worked on building and fitting out areas where you can practice ecotourism. These places include the coasts, mountains and historical cities of Thailand. This country has a first-world infrastructure that gives
travelers from all around the world easy access to its attractions.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a new way of planning trips considering destinations that emphasize the enjoyment of natural areas of a region through responsible activities that protect the ecosystem. For this reason, most ecotourism activities take place in natural parks built specifically for this purpose.

Sustainable Tourism

New trends in responsible tourism include visiting not only natural areas but also historic and cultural sites. The purpose is to raise awareness of the impact our actions have –in ecological and consumption terms– on the places we visit and the need to make a responsible use of all the resources the Earth and each culture provide. This is what we define as sustainable tourism.

5 Benefits of Sustainable Tourism

Nowadays, the number of travelers that choose to do sustainable tourism activities has increased since they give them the chance to have fun and, at the same time, collaborate with a noble cause. Here are 5 benefits of sustainable tourism:

  1. It creates local jobs. When people make the effort to preserve and take care of their natural areas, they help increase the development of tourism agencies and services such as accommodation and transport.
  2. It raises awareness about the appreciation of cultural manifestations such as dances, artisanal work, gastronomy, flora and fauna.
  3. It reactivates rural areas whose geography is optimal for sports activities in natural settings. It also raises awareness of the need to respect all cultures and their environmental setting.
  4. It improves a population’s quality of life, in both economic and sociocultural terms.
  5. It promotes the consumption of local and natural products in the areas where it takes place.

Main Ecotourism Activities in Thailand

Among the main activities that you can enjoy in Thailand are going on an elephant safari in Chiang Mai or a journey at sea. You can also practice trekking in the forests of Krabi, or the northern mountains where you can also meet different tribes and learn about their lifestyle. Lastly, you can go on a wildlife watching tour.

Enjoy in Thailand are going on an elephant safari in Chiang Mai

National Parks in Thailand

The protection of National Parks in Thailand is fundamental for the development of ecotourism. Some privileged areas include the Mekong River, whose parks include architectural and natural attractions. The Erawn National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Thailand. The major attraction of the park is Erawan Falls, named after the three-headed elephant of Hindu mythology.

Another national park you can visit is The Khao Yai National Park. Thailand’s first national park and is the third largest national park in Thailand. The national park is home to around 3,000 species of plants and trees, and 800 species of animals, including 200 of reptiles and amphibians. The park is also home of the big herd of elephants in Thailand and have around 500 tigers.

Marine Ecotourism in Thailand

If you love the sea, take into account that Thailand houses 18 marine parks that offer eco-friendly activities. You can practice kayaking, windsurfing, open sea swimming, snorkeling and sailing.

You can also go on a cruise in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. And if you prefer something more traditional and with more cultural contact, go on a tour on a wild rice harvesting canoe along the River Chaeo Phraya.

Marine Ecotourism in Thailand

Best National Marine Parks in Thailand

The program Man and the Biosphere, promoted by UNESCO, has recognized some marine parks in Thailand as natural reserves because of their huge mangrove and coral reefs. Such is the case of the National Marine Park of the Estuary of Kaper-Laemson-Krabury Estuary, in the province of Ranong. It has the greatest concentration of mangrove forests in the country. Another attraction is the palm tree forests you can find at the fine-sand beaches which are truly inspiring to enjoy a sunny day.

Another option is to visit the National Marine Park of the Pang Nga Bay. It’s a bay that engulfs 42 islands surrounded by shallow waters whose greatest wealth is the 28 species of mangroves and coral reefs it houses.

Visit the National Marine Park of the Pang Nga Bay

Ecotourism Agencies and Lodging in Thailand

Consider that there are several tour agencies in Thailand that specialize in ecotourism. They are experts in combining nature and culture in one trip. DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, recommends Seacanoe Phuket because they specialize in tours to the caves of the Andaman Sea. They can also take you to see the marvels of Phuket, Thailand’s biggest island.

After a day of adventure, reserve your lodging at the Ecotourism Club in the village of Khiriwong, where they also organize tours to the mountains.

Without doubt, Thailand is a great place to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation. Visit its reserves, away from urban settings and delight in the beauties of nature in an ecological and entertaining environment.