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Discover The Maldives

By José Ramírez |

The Maldives is known for the great variety of submarine species that inhabit them, their crystal clear waters and the lodging huts built in the middle of the ocean.


The Islands of Maldives conform a destination renowned for the great variety of submarine species that inhabit them, their crystal clear waters and the lodging huts that have been built in the middle of the ocean. They owe their fame to the fact that they have become a touristic dream for celebrities. Singers like Beyoncé, Fergie, Robbie Williams; Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz; athletes like the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and the tennis player Novak Djokovic, are only a few of the hundreds of stars who visit this tropical paradise. Even though some of them prefer to stay at hotels, you can also choose between bungalows built amidst vegetation or huts that are practically floating on the ocean.


Although these lodging options cover all types of tastes, DINKtravelers suggests reserving one of the floating cabins that face the Indian Ocean. There are some with amenities like hammocks, a jacuzzi and even a private pool. Besides, this option will give you the chance to be awakened by natural sunlight and practicing a wide variety of water sports including jet-ski and parasailing, or other popular activities like diving and snorkeling that allow you to discover the numerous fish and turtle species that live underwater. In that sense, if you want to dedicate your stay to the submarine world, a great alternative is to go on a diving cruise or a day tour and discover the ocean depths across the region.


You can only get to the Maldives by air or sea. Usually, airlines fly to Malé, the country’s capital, and even if you can also arrive on a cruise from Singapore or Malaysia, flying is the best option if you’re planning a longer stay.

Once at the islands you’ll be able to choose between three different means of transportation: First, there’s thedhoni, the classical regional boat. Usually it’s free, but it only covers short distances. Then, there are speedboats. They’re better for longer rides, but their cost can reach 200USD. Finally, there are hydroplanes; flying in them is definitely a thrilling experience, but one trip can cost up to 500USD. Your choice will depend on where you want to go and they kind of experience you want to have so, for example, if you want to enjoy great views and get an adrenaline rush, we suggest the third option.

The Maldives is the ideal destination to plan a retirement or to get away from routine, stress and noise while relaxing with the calm and privacy of a natural setting as well as with the local’s kind-heartedness.