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Vacationing At The Dead Sea

By Daniel Alcalá |

Whether it’s for health, beauty, rest or cultural reasons, the Dead Sea should be one of your next destinations.


The word “sea” refers to a great extension of water that covers the Earth’s surface; however, it also refers to a considerably large lake. That is the case of the Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan. We’re sure you’re familiar with it since, because of its great concentration of salt, it’s said that life cannot thrive in its waters.

Today DINKtravelers takes you to visit this great lake that you can reach from any of the aforementioned destinations, although we’ll tell you what to do and see if get there from Jordan. Although this country’s main attraction is the City of Petra, the Dead Sea is a great option to chill out after a demanding cultural and archaeological tour.


Because of the great concentration of salt the Dead Sea has –9 times more than any ocean– it doesn’t allow the development of macroscopic life. Actually, since it was impossible to find any fish in it since early studies were made there, it started being called the Dead Sea. Yet, now we know that microscopic organisms were able to adapt to this ecosystem and that now they live in its waters.


Even nowadays Jordan’s side of the Dead Sea is a calm and tourist-free spot that is usually visited only by elite travelers. You’ll prove this when you notice the reduced number of hotels there are in the area, although it would be a mistake to think that because they’re only a few, they offer a bad service. In fact, most of them are luxurious resorts that have, among other amenities, panoramic pools with impressive views of the sea.

The Dead Sea’s extension which is 70km long and 18 km wide, allows hotels to be relatively isolated or at least far from each other. Therefore, if you’re driving from southern Jordan, make a reservation at a hotel located on that same end of the coast. On the other hand, if you’ll visit the old city of Jerash next, it’s more convenient to make a reservation at a resort located north because those hotels even offer tours to this destination.


If you want to have a calm and restful week, the Dead Sea is the ideal spot to plan a vacation; no wonder it’s the biggest spa in the world. Of course, you must live the experience of floating effortlessly in it with the help of its dense waters. But apart from that, taking a Dead Sea mud bath is something you can’t miss. You’ll notice how your skin rejuvenates thanks to the mud’s high potassium, sodium and iron content, which helps oxygenate and relax your skin.

They say that the Dead Sea’s healing properties are also efficient against dermatitis, arthritis, stress, fatigue and some allergies, but in order to sow these benefits you’ll have to plan a longer vacation.

Whether it’s for health, beauty or cultural reasons, the Dead Sea should be one of your next destinations. What are you waiting for?