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Turtle Releasing

By Brenda Nieto |

Live in harmony and solidarity with nature by experiencing turtle releasing in your next trip to the beach.


At DINKtravelers we know that the conservation and protection of marine animals is the responsibility of human beings. As a result of this labor, projects have been made in order to preserve multiple species so that they thrive and have a safe life. The good news is that, by traveling, you can also contribute to the preservation of the animal world with which we share this planet. Do you want to know how?


Several beaches around the world, including Acapulco and Cozumel in Mexico; Miami andSouth Padre in the United States; and Kuta in Bali, are visited by turtles that, after making a long trip, reach the coast and deposit their eggs. The conservation groups in charge of helping and protecting them try to be present during this process with the purpose of preventing invaders or hunters from attacking them. Then, they collect the eggs and take them to a safer nest in a refuge or reserve. This way, they can hatch safely. Later, they take the baby turtles back to the beach and, with the help of tourists and locals, they release the sea turtles so that they begin the adventure of their long journey back into the ocean.


We assure you that few experiences are as pleasant as touching a baby turtle, feeling its coarse skin and sensing its anxious need to crawl on the humid sand and make its way back into the sea. Besides, it is truly moving to think that these turtles that seem so small and fragile at the moment, will someday return to the same beach where they were born and lay their eggs, thus repeating the cycle of life.

We recommend trying this experience that allows you to see from a very close distance the first moments of a turtle’s life while also giving you the chance to help in its journey to the sea. On the other hand, you’ll get the opportunity of naming the turtle you release, wish it a prosperous life and a safe journey, holding it between your hands and, finally, carefully placing it on the sand while offering it reassuring and inspiring words that help it feel brave enough to begin crawling. It’s very exciting to watch it advance on the sand wiggling its fins and moving its shell from side to side advancing inch by inch until it’s finally pulled, together with its turtle siblings, by the waves that reach the seashore.


If you want to contribute a bit more with the protection of this cute animal, you can make a donation at the turtle sanctuary. It will be used to promote these activities and to show that world travelers can also live in harmony and solidarity with the natural world by acting in a responsible and friendly way.