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Travel Selfies

By Ana Torres |

8 out of 10 selfies are taken with a smartphone’s camera. Read this article to discover the best strategies to take selfies.


DINKtravelers understands the importance of being there and immortalizing your travel experiences through photography as a way to make the memory live on. Nowadays, technological advances offer travelers the best cameras to help them create great images, but curiously, they’re mainly used to take the famous selfies.


“Selfie” comes from the English term “self-portrait”; however, the difference between both of these concepts relies on the fact that a selfie is a spontaneous photography whose final version results from selecting among several continuous shots. It is meant to make a person look good and, through it, the traveler becomes the protagonist of an image, while the destination appears on the background as a beautiful supporting element.

On the other hand, self-portraits date back to Flemish painting, and they’re the result of a slower and more detailed work in which the subject chooses the characteristics and the setting in which he/she wants to appear. There’s one single version of the image and there’s a greater balance between protagonist and his/her surroundings.


During a trip, selfies prove that a sybarite is at an exclusive destination, and in order to enrich this message, there are three steps you should take into account:

  1. Publish the location of your departure airport in your social networks pointing out your destination. Use hashtags to help your post appear among trendy topics and to reach other travelers who might be talking about the same place. On board the plane, complement your travel album with beautiful sky views. Experiment with filters like the ones you find on Instagram to create artistic images that you can post on Facebook.
  2. Upon arrival, take time to rest and recover so you can regain your fresh look. Then, at your first tour stop, choose the best angle, point your smartphone’s camera at yourself and shoot. Just remember that even if the front camera on your phone is more practical for selfies, it creates a lower pixel image than the camera on the back. Download Frontback, an app that lets you use both cameras at the same time in order to give more context to your photo, and finally, download a timer app so you can pose calmly before the picture is taken. Using your smartphone to create part of your travel album will give you the chance to share the experience with others through a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Whenever you have the privilege of trying a traditional dish or beverage, take a photo and share the taste of high-end gastronomy.

Take into account that selfies will turn out better if you use accessories like the selfie stick, which allows you to take the pictures at a greater distance or create 360º videos without any object interfering in your way.

If you follow our advice, your next selfie will portray our DINKtravelers’ style.