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British Stout Beer

By Isabel Forga |

Pouring the perfect pint of stout beer, a pubs classic, takes 119.5 seconds. Learn more about this beverage and the ritual behind it’s consumption right here!


One of the most ancient –and refreshing– alcoholic beverages is, without doubt, beer, and some experts say that it’s actually the most ancient. The first proof we have of its existence dates back to the year 4000 B.C. in clay tablets that belonged to the Sumerian civilization. However, some savvies believe it was invented over ten thousand years ago and there are even some people who affirm it dates back to the Paleolithic!

What nobody can deny is that throughout time, this addictive beverage elaborated through the alcoholic fermentation of cereals (usually barley and in some cases wheat), has been a fundamental part of human life in almost every region in the world.


As you have probably already noticed in your trips, there are numerous varieties of beer, but one that is very appealing is stout. This ale –high fermentation beer– possesses a very dark color, almost black, which is achieved by using deeply toasted malt. It was created in the British Islands but nowadays it is produced in several countries in Europe, America and even Asia.


One of the characteristics that make this variety of beer so special is its creamy appearance and the ritual involved in serving it. When you visit Ireland or England and you order a stout in a pub, DINKtravelers recommends observing the process of pouring approximately three quarters of the liquid in a type of glass called pint glass and allowing the creamy beer to set for almost a minute. Meanwhile, you’ll notice that little by little it will acquire its distinctive dark color at the same time as the liquid gently flows to the deepest end of the glass. The last part of the process will involve crowning the glass with the remaining beer so that the white foam reaches its ideal thickness. Serving the perfect pint should take around 119.5 seconds. It’s truly an art!


Beer has fewer calories than wine, whole milk and soda. If it’s drunk with moderation, it’s a very healthy beverage since it’s rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, potassium, polyphenols and flavonoids, apart from water and malt.

It’s the only beverage that contains hop, a plant with diverse health properties.


Pubs are very important in British social life. Only in London, there are over 5,000 of them.

When you enter a pub head for the bar first and order your food and beverages. After that, find your favorite table. In general, they will only serve the dishes at your table.

Try a typical dish: fish and chips, jacket potato, shepherd’s pie…

If you hear a bell ring at 10:50 pm, hurry up and order your last beer because after 11pm it’s illegal to sell alcohol, except in venues that have a special license.