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Refreshing Beer with Latin Rhythms

By Isabel Forga |

Enjoy the varied choices of Latin American beer and drink to joy!


Although the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Latin America is a series of delicious cocktails instead of beer, we can’t deny the fact that this exquisite and nutritious beverage has become an important part of the Latin culture. Actually, this region of the world produces great quality beer of international worth.


Beer arrived in Latin America in the sixteenth century thanks to the Europeans and, more specifically, the first brewery in the New World was established in that same century in Mexico, a country that has become the main producer of this precious liquid as well as one of its greatest consumers in the continent. Yet, it seems that before Spanish conquerors arrived, the Aztec, Mayan and Inca civilizations already elaborated alcoholic beverages through the fermentation of different grains.

Even though breweries were founded in America since the sixteenth century, the real surge of beer production began in the nineteenth century, when masters from Switzerland and Austria began to produce refreshing and soft lagers that soon became worldly famous. And there’s another important event that helped expand this industry in Mexico, and that was the promulgation of the Prohibition Act, informally known as the Thirsty First, in the United States in 1919. This invited that country’s inhabitants to frequently visit its neighbors in the south in order to freely enjoy the consumption of this tasty beverage.


Apart from Mexico, almost all Latin American countries produce beer. They usually brew light and blond varieties, although in some cases they also elaborate dark beer. In Brazil, for example, they produce a variety of dark beer that’s very popular and that is elaborated with toasted barley. On the other hand, in Caribbean territories they’re big fans of stout beer.

In other countries such as Colombia, Peru or Argentina they produce top quality beer, among which we can find the classical golden and refreshing varieties, as well as amber and darker brews. Actually, Colombia also produces artisanal beer with great approval from even the most demanding tastes. And let’s not forget Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, where they produce varieties of beer that have been consumed and awarded internationally.

In your next trip to Latin American countries, DINKtravelers recommends that apart from trying the typical beverages known to each country, you also try their local beer instead of ordering foreign brands. Besides, the different types of weather and territories you can find in Latin America offer a countless number of possibilities in beer choices that we suggest trying as soon as you get the chance.


According to marketing studies that were made in several American countries, beer is the alcoholic beverage with the greatest market growth, a situation that will possibly lead to a greater international distribution.

Artisanal beer is very popular in Latin America, and this shows that consumers are opting for quality while searching for other varieties apart from light blond beer.