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Laksa Soup

By Paulina Sánchez |

If a dish is listed 7th in the World’s Fifty Most Delicious Foods list, then it deserves giving oneself the opportunity of trying it: Laksa


If a dish is listed seventh in CNN Go’s World’s Fifty Most Delicious Foods 2011, then it definitely deserves giving oneself the opportunity of trying it.


Curry laksa is a Malayan soup that’s prepared with spicy curry, coconut cream, thick noodles, shrimp, chicken, boiled egg, fish, tofu cubes and more! This delicious and abundant combination of ingredients might explain one of the word laksa’s possible origins: the Sanskrit term lakshas that means “one hundred thousand”. Yet, there are people who say that its name derives from the Chinese language and that it means “spicy sand”, referring to the sandy consistency of its thick sauce, which is obtained by adding it ground dry shrimp.

Although its creation is attributed to the Chinese who established in Malaysia, you may order it in all southeastern Asia because, as it usually happens with the world’s gastronomy classics, several destinations assure being the authors of the best laksa recipe. DINKtravelers recommends trying the curry laksa from Singapore and the curry mee from Penang, which is prepared with a different type of noodles.


With approximately 425 calories, maybe a bowl of laksa is not your most dietetic choice, but on the other hand, thanks to the coconut that’s used to prepare it, it’s a source of manganese, an essential micronutrient that’s needed to keep your nervous system in shape and to reduce irritability and exhaustion, two very required benefits when it comes to enjoying your vacation with energy and high spirits.


Laksa is so popular that it has inspired the creation of several versions depending on the servings that are used of each ingredient and the variations in preparation that favor the creation of different flavors and textures. For this reason, when you read a restaurant’s menu it’s possible that you find:

Laksa lemak A Malayan variety that’s made with concentrated coconut gravy and fish based gravy instead of natural fish.

Laksam It’s more popular in northeastern Malaysia and it’s known for its thick and flat rice flour noodles that are cooked in a thick fish and coconut milk soup.

Katong laksa It’s a variation of laksa lemak and it’s prepared in the Katong area of Singapore. In this version, noodles are cut in small pieces so that you may eat the whole dish only with a spoon –usually you also require chopsticks.

Penang laksa Do you like sour tastes? Then you’ll love this recipe that’s prepared with tamarind, lemongrass and pineapple. It’s said that it’s this version, and not curry mee, the one that is most commonly served in Penang.

Asam laksa This Penang specialty incorporates cucumber, red chili, pineapple and lettuce, but unlike other versions, it’s not made with coconut milk.

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