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The Coconut And Its Benefits

By Ale Coyote |

Coconut possesses many nutritious properties and it’s the perfect snack and cocktail ingredient for those who travel to tropical coasts.


Surely, when you’ve traveled to tropical beaches you’ve noticed that there’s a specific tree that’s typical in those landscapes: Coconut Palm trees. Without them, the weather and environment of these destinations wouldn’t portray the same magic. For this reason, this article’s protagonist is the exotic and nutritious fruit of said tree: the coconut.


No one is completely sure about its origin, but it’s said that it originated in the Pacific coasts thanks to their warm-humid weather. Then, travelers who explored those areas took some to Asia where, nowadays, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and India are the world’s main producers of this fruit. Across the world, in America, countries like Brazil and Panama also possess the land and weather conditions necessary to produce huge amounts of coconuts.

Another version says that since coconuts grow near the sea, thanks to their durability they fell from palm trees and floated until they reached diverse tropical territories around the globe.


Coconuts have several vitamins including A, which strengthens your immune system; E, necessary to prevent heart disease, and many others that your body also needs. Likewise, it helps concentrate calcium in your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.

On the other hand, coconut water contains electrolytes that are good for athletes, so if you like to run every morning on the beach, drinking it will help you recover from your training.

When a coconut is mature, it doesn’t have much water inside and it has a thick lining of white flesh called copra. It may have a hard consistency, so if you top it with salt and fresh lemon juice you’ll turn it into a healthy and delicious snack.


If you were ever in a shipwreck and you ended up in a deserted island and wanted to eat coconuts in order to survive, as we’ve seen people do on TV, it wouldn’t be so easy to turn fiction into reality. First you’d have to climb a tall palm tree to get the fruit; then, you’d need a sharp rock to pierce an orifice near the area with the three holes that coconuts have on their surface and finally you’d be able to drink its content. After that, if you wanted to eat the copra you’d have to slam the coconut against a hard surface until you finally broke it.


DINKtravelers like to add some vodka and a sip of orange juice to their coconut water whenever they visit beach destinations, so ask the bartender at your hotel to prepare this recipe and spoil your palate with a refreshing cocktail.


Before having it prepared, shake it and listen. The least sound the water makes inside, the more mature the fruit is.