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The Gin Tour

By Ana Torres |

Introducing one of tourists’ favorite cocktails when it comes to enjoying nightlife. Discover how it was created in our Gin Tonic Tour.


Nowadays a vacation without nightlife is practically unthinkable, especially because each time there are more destinations where people can enjoy evening shows. And in order to pamper travelers, venues offer a great variety of alcoholic beverages that help them relax after an exhausting day of touring. Today, DINKtravelers wants to introduce you to a British beveragethat has become worldly famous. We’re taking you on a tour around the history of gin tonic.


Its origin dates back to British India in the nineteenth century. Back then people combined alcohol with quinine as a remedy for malaria. Later, this same mixture was modified after they added tonic water and aromatic herbs. This tasteful mix was called Indian Water Tonic, which became a very popular refreshing beverage among the inhabitants of that warm weather region. And some time later, when they added gin to this concoction, its name changed to gin tonic. Soon people learned that preparing it was an art, since just a little miscalculation in the servings of each ingredient could create a disgusting mixture. However, little by little people invented more and more recipes for this peculiar cocktail, and now there are as many as 70 different varieties of gin that are combined in infinite ways with different fruits and spices for all kinds of tastes. At the same time, there are Mixology Academies where a barman can specialize in the preparation of this drink.


If you’re wondering where you can try a good gin tonic, we recommend traveling to London, where you’ll find over 100 certified nightclubs that are known for their luxury gin. Another option is Spain, where every region offers a unique gin specialty.

If you like intense flavors, try a licorice, cinnamon or cardamom gin, but if you prefer a fresh and subtle taste, choose a strawberry or cucumber gin. Whichever flavor you try, before taking a sip, don’t forget to follow the tradition of tapping your glass on the table in order to keep bad vibes away and make a toast to many more travels!


Prepare a gin tonic at home with these ingredients:

  • Gin
  • Tonic water
  • Ice
  • 1 lemon wedge

Serve the ice in a tall glass and stir to chill the glass. Remove the ice into a small bowl but don’t discard it. Pour gin to your liking and reincorporate the ice. Fill the rest of the glass with tonic water –serve it little by little to preserve its bubbly quality. Finally, add a lemon wedge and enjoy a traditional gin tonic. It’s ideal as a digestive.