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Top 3 Beach Cocktails

By Nahoko Sato |

From a hipster elixir to the queen of tropical cocktails and Hemingway’s favorite drink…we’ve got the perfect beverage for you!


Summer is almost over; so it’s the perfect time to plan one last hot season vacation! Don’t you think it’s a good idea to go to the beach and lie down on a comfortable sunbed under a palm tree? While you are having a great time, DINKtravelers would like to introduce you to some of the best refreshing and tasty elixirs that will quench your thirst. But not only that, we will also help you choose the right cocktail for your tastes and tell you about their unique origin.


This cocktail’s alcohol percentage is close to 5%. If you are looking for a late night bar hipster drink that’s fancy and at the same time slightly sweet, this can be a good option. It’s prepared with white wine and sparkling water means, which gives it refreshing properties! This cocktail’s name came from spritzern, which means burst in German and its most likely origin is in Austria, Salzburg where in the nineteenth century they prepared it as a way to create bubbly wine.


This rum based drink is known as the queen of tropical cocktails. When you sip this vivid orange colored drink, the sweet scent of white rum will spread in your mouth. The combination of pineapple and orange is superb and emphasizes a tropical mood. Interestingly, the story behind its name says that when a person from Tahiti drank it for the first time he shouted “Mai-tai!” which means, “this is the best!” in Tahitian. Order it at the beach, but please note that its alcohol percentage is around 25% so don’t ask for many refills!


Crashed ice cocktails are a good option to drink at the pool bar. Their best ally: the blender! In the 1950s the blender became a popular appliance and that’s when the frozen style cocktails were born. While the original Daiquiri finds its origin in Havana, Cuba, the frappe version was an adaptation created in America. It’s also rum based, and it’s mixed with fresh lime juice, white curacao, sugar and crashed ice, and its alcohol percentage is around 30%. Enjoy as the mount of cold fresh crashed ice melts in your mouth and fills you with the summer spirit of joy. A fun fact: The very famous writer and poet, Ernest Miller Hemingway loved this cocktail, so this is the perfect cocktail for you if you like to read while sunbathing by the pool. Sounds like a good idea, right?

There are plenty varieties of cocktails in this world, all of them with great stories about their origins. If you want a more personalized cocktail, talk to your bartender about what type of liquor you like, how strong you want your drink and the kind of mood you’re in. Ask them to create a special mix just for you!