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World Breakfast Tour

By Nahoko Sato |

There are so many varieties of breakfast in this world! Try them in Japan, Paris and Mexico.


It’s time to wake up… a wonderful day awaits. When you’re on vacation, what does your body need to enjoy a touring day? A tasty breakfast, of course! Today, DINKtravelers takes you on a breakfast tour around the world.


Let’s go to Japan first! You might know that a famous Japanese dish is sashimi, which is raw fish. Yes, everyone knows the Japanese love fish, but you might not know that a typical Japanese breakfast includes rice, grilled fish, miso soup, eggs, natto and Japanese pickles. It might seem strange to have fish for breakfast, but once you try it, you’ll become addicted to this tradition. Also, natto might not sound familiar to you, but don’t worry, we’ll introduce you to this dish of fermented soybeans. It has a very strong smell, so you need to be brave for your first try. But, hey, it’s rich in nutrients so it’s worth trying!

Order this typical Japanese breakfast in casual dining restaurants or at Japanese-style hotels.


Now we’ll travel to the fashionable city of Paris, France. This lovely city’s typical breakfast is subtle and modest, like the destination itself, and it’s available at any café. It includes orange juice, bread, a croissant, jam and butter and your choice of coffee, tea, cocoa or café au lait. Don’t you think it sounds a bit weird when we say “bread” and “croissant”? Isn’t a croissant included in bread? Well, for the French, bread refers to a baguette, and it’s a delicious base for a spread of butter and jam. It will make your mouth water!


Next, we’ve chosen one of foodies’ favorite destinations: Mexico! There you’ll find many typical breakfast options, which can also be had for lunch or dinner! Choose between enchiladas, huaraches, sopes or other corn dough-based dishes, or soup recipes like pancita or pozole. Yes, Mexicans are fond of heavy and abundant breakfast menus and, why not? They’re delicious! We recommend the huaraches. They consist on a huge thick tortilla spread with black beans and topped with your selection of chorizo, eggs, pork, beef or chicken. Then they add lettuce, onion, fresh cream and canasta cheese. Is there more? Yes! You may bathe it in spicy green or red sauce!

Also, if you drank too much tequila the day before, your perfect breakfast choice is birria. It’s a spicy mutton soup served with onion, radish, cilantro and lime to add flavor. As for the meat, remove it from the soup and serve it in a corn tortilla with avocado. Eat your taco and the soup at the same time!

There are many different customs in this world, but one thing all destinations have in common is that they know breakfast is a very important meal. It gives us energy for the whole day, it controls our body temperature, and it’s food for our brain.