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About Terroir

By Jessica Ramírez |

A wine’s terroir is that which we can apprehend from a destination through taste. That’s why you’ll never find two equal wines in the world.


Part of the DINKtravelers experience is the taste for exclusiveness. And what a better way to define that which is select than by understanding the concept of terroir in winemaking?

This French term that could be translated as home turf, defines and describes a specific geographic region whose unique characteristics favor the growth of certain grapevines which, at the same time, possess distinctive qualities that are later translated into incomparable wines.


When a sommelier talks about a wine’s terroir, he refers to matters of temperature, humidity, wind intensity, amount and type of minerals found in the soil, precipitations frequency, bacteria and diseases present in the area, native yeast, insolation height and angle, altitude and latitude of the crops, a vineyard’s antiquity and, naturally, the technique used by the experts in agriculture. As you can see, there are many elements that are taken into account when talking about each grapevine’s terroir, so this makes us realize that in every glass of wine we taste in our journeys, we drink the identity of a destination. None will be defined by the same color, aroma, taste or sensation, so when we taste the wine of a certain region, it’s not only a delight but also a learning process. The act of taking to your lips an elixir whose history gathers the geography of a place as well as the effect nature has in it enriches and complements the experiences you have throughout the day.


Interestingly, the concept of terroir has always been quite controversial and highly discussed. That’s because the idea people have of it depends on the different professional circles that analyze it including wine scientists, enologists, geoscientists, critics, journalists and wine enthusiasts. Therefore, you’ll find books that define it as a region and land in opposition to an urban area, or perhaps someone will tell you that it’s a terrain with certain agricultural qualities. In our case, we prefer to say that for a traveler, terroir can be defined as that which we can apprehend from a destination through taste.


Around the world there are certain types of terroir that seem to have been particularly favored by nature and so they produce high-quality wines. Among them we can mention Bordeaux in France, Tuscany in Italy, Ribera del Duero in Spain, Napa Valley in California and the Rhine zone in Germany. Nevertheless, each grapevine chooses its own terroirso we can state that another reason to travel and look for the novelty of visiting new destinations is that we’ll never find two equal wines in the world.