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Women Winemakers

By Jessica Ramírez |

Some of the most select wine labels have been elaborated by women who are experts in the power of seduction of the vine.


Many were the changes that took place in relation with the female role as a consequence of World War II. For example, for the first time, many jobs that had previously been taken exclusively by men –flying airplanes, working in factories or as drivers and even playing in a professional baseball league– became available for them.

Before those years, it was believed that women were excluded from the winemaking world so they were even forbidden to visit cellars or work in them. Nevertheless, the course of history, or more specifically, of wars, served as a trigger to push women into dabbling in the wine industry.

Due to the fact that male vineyard owners had to abandon their lands to go to combat, it was their sisters, daughters and wives who remained in charge of the crops and wine preparation. In fact, they are greatly responsible for destinations such as Bordeaux having become produces of worldly renown Grand Cru wines.


Throughout time, women have added their sensitivity and good taste to the creation of new wines. Likewise, their participation has been recognized with awards such as those given at the Wine and Women International Contest, which is organized in Spain with the purpose of evaluating the work of women who have intervened in at least 50% of the process of creation, production and/or distribution of wines.


As a result, these processes have also contributed to transforming consumption statistics. In that sense, in Great Britain, for example, seven out of 10 women drink wine compared with six out of 10 men; and only in the American and European continents, women participate in 70% of wine purchasing decisions. With this, the few varieties that were thought to be women’s favorites –white, soft and subtle wines– are now part of many other options with different structures and aromatic compounds they enjoy.

Above all, perhaps one of the most interesting conclusions DINKtravelers reached after writing these lines is that, even if a glass of wine is usually part of the strategies employed to seduce a woman, nowadays it’s very probable that the bottle that glass was poured from was elaborated by, precisely, a woman who, it turns out, is an expert in the power of seduction of the vine.


These wines have been winners of the Grand Diamond award in the Wine and Women International Contest.

  1. Red wines, barrel-aged for up to 12 months
    • Tipicitat – Denomination of Origin (D.O.) Terra Alta
    • Ontinium Barrica – D.O. Valencia
    • Miranda – D.O. Valencia
  2. Red wines, barrel-aged over 12 months
    • Chulapa – D.O. Vinos de Madrid
    • Perpetual – D.O.Q. Priorat
  3. Sweet wines
    • Sol de Reymos – D.O. Valencia