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Best Apps For Traveling Abroad

By Ana Torres |

The best travel apps, only with DINKtravelers.


The benefits that technology offers are fundamental for DINKtravelers; that’s why today we want to tell you which are the best and most intelligent tools to update your smartphone and enjoy your next destination to the fullest.


  1. Choose the best travel companion with The Trip Tribe. This social network helps single travelers find other sybarites like them. You only have to create an account with your profile and browse for trips. Find other people who are interested in following the same routes as you and compare their profile with yours to see if you are compatible. Don’t hesitate to invite someone else to share this experience with you!
  2. Forget about tour guides and use Tripomatic, an app that helps you create a travel schedule that includes hotels, restaurants and interesting activities at your destination. Also, it allows you to post your plans in social networks or download them in PDF format.


  1. Fly without stress with FlySmart. This app was designed to offer you information about airports all around the world. It includes information regarding shops, food courts, restaurants and other services available in the premises, while it also provides updates about flights coming takeoff and landing schedules. It’s great if your flight has transit stops.
  2. What’s next? Desti works through voice recognition and it allows you to ask your mobile device about the best places you can visit at your destination. The best part about this app is that it offers updated information of each site and explains its relevance.
  3. Visit any city without worrying about the language they speak with Word Lens. Simply take a picture of street signage or adverts and you’ll get their translation right away.
  4. When it comes to finances, a good accountancy makes happy travelers. Don’t worry about money and let Currency Converter Plus do the numbers for you, including making currency conversions and offering currency exchange updates. If you travel with friends,Trip Splitter divides expenses among the number of people you enter, it locates where each expense was made, it makes currency conversions and much more.
  5. If you like nature, Wikiloc helps you discover routes for trekking, share the ones you’ve already completed in your soci al networks and register the new routes you follow on a map.

Now you’re ready to travel. There’s just one thing missing…don’t you dare forget your cell phone!