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Best Winter Vacations

By Daniel Alcalá |

In winter, not all travel plans are meant to visit snowy destinations.


December is here and for many people around the world it’s the perfect month to take a break. For others, December means celebrating a tradition, and in general, for most of us it’s a synonym of vacations! Perhaps we can say that they’re the best vacations of the year because they represent the end of a cycle.

We know that you like to spend your vacations traveling. That’s why we want to help you plan your trip with some world travelers’ recommendations.

If you like spending the holidays in a Hollywood-style destination, that is, a place where you can find the classical decorations and even snow, then the northern hemisphere is your go-to part of the world.


In that sense, you can travel to Grenoble, France, where you’ll find an awesome cable car that will take you to La Bastille. It will also give you the chance to enjoy views of the city and the snow-caped Alps.

In Andorra, at the Pyrenees, you’ll find 160 ski slopes and shopping is tax-free. Another great destination for shoppers is Nuremberg in Germany. There you’ll find the world’s biggest Christmas market. It’s the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt with over 180 stalls! –It’s open from November 30th to December 24th.

On the other hand, Vail, Colorado, in the United States, is the classical winter destination. Apart from skiing you can go on a snow bike tour or participate in culinary events as well as concerts and watch fireworks shows.


Opposite to these there are also warm-weather destinations like New Zealand, where you can visit Mount Victoria in Wellington or the beaches in Auckland as well as the Maori Lakes. Take into account that several restaurants and shops close from December 24th to January 1st; however, hotel services continue running.

Another alternative is traveling to India. Apart from the typical visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, Goa is great if you enjoy surfing. Likewise, you can go to the Chennai Music Festival starting mid-December.

Yet another choice is Hawaii, in the Pacific, where despite the warm weather, you’ll find uncountable Christmas trees. Don’t miss the chance to go to Kauai for the Lights Festival. Watch music performances as well as a Santa Claus Parade. Santa also visits the Hawaiian beaches of Waikiki where he participates in a very anticipated event in which he arrives on a canoe wearing shorts instead of his traditional red suit.

Lastly, the Caribbean beaches are another perfect destination for December. By that time of the year, they are hurricane-free.

In warm or cold weather, DINKtravelers wishes you happy holidays.