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Travel Savings

By Ana Torres |

Travel and saving has never been so simple. Follow our advice and enjoy your trip without worrying about expenses.


Traveling needn’t be a synonym of excessive expenses. An authentic sybarite is an expert in the administration of time and economy, because only through that can he earn the nickname of frequent traveler. DINKtravelers dedicate approximately 40% of their income to traveling and that’s the reason why here we share with you our tips to go on an adventure at least once a month and don’t make unnecessary expenditures.


The first step is: reserve in advance. Set a date for your trip by making a monthly schedule of your activities on the first five days of every month. This way you’ll know which days you usually have available or have less work. Consider planning special celebrations and relaxing trips together, so check any important dates you might have such as a friend’s birthday, your anniversary or any other special event and celebrate them the best possible way: traveling together!

Once you have your calendar ready you’ll have more time to find the best flight rates. Consider that on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays flights are cheaper. Use technologies in your favor by browsing websites that help compare prices, but outsmart them! Travel agencies and airlines detect that you’ve been looking for travel rates and they raise their costs. Therefore, always erase your search history and use the incognito mode. This way you’ll find real and cheaper prices.

We suggest using credit card and affiliation card promotions and discounts including frequent flyer miles, lower rates, additional luggage allowance without paying extra fees, hotel room upgrades and even discounts in museums and other cultural attractions all over the world. Also, remember that a cautious traveler is a happy traveler, so save yourself from tricky cancellations policies by registering your tickets and hotel reservations in apps like Yapta orTingo that charge a small fee but offer valuable refunds in case you cancel your trip.


If you participate in altruist tourism or volunteer tourism, there are digital platforms where you can find lodging and some free meals in exchange for doing volunteer work for a certain period. These are ideal options to visit whole countries during longer vacation periods such as summer and winter vacations. The jobs they offer are very varied; for example, you can be a babysitter or a pet sitter, a language teacher, a nurse or even an artist that contributes with cultural projects.

If you want to try this travel mode choose countries where they speak your language or a language that you speak fluently so that you can communicate with your employers and with the locals. Consider that volunteer work is demanding and that it requires commitment and responsibility, so you’ll only get the chance to tour around your destination during your spare time.

We guarantee that the main advantage of this type of tourism is that it gives a different meaning to the concept of traveling because it allows you to establish a closer contact with local people and with their way of life, and it gives you the chance to help others. If you do it once, we’re sure you’ll want to repeat the experience.