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Travel Healthy

By Ana Torres |

Health is not opposite to a sybarite’s life as a frequent traveler. Discover how to look and feel your best with DINKtravelers.


In DINKtravelers we know that staying healthy while you travel is one of your priorities, and best of all is that it’s possible to achieve it! Even if you spend your life coming and going from airports and hotels, we have a fistful of tips that will help you maintain a healthy diet:


  • Before traveling it’s good to get a general checkup and to ask your doctor about common diseases you can catch at your destination. This way you’ll be able to take preventive measures, like getting vaccinated.
  • If your trip will be long, we recommend acquiring a travelers’ medical insurance that offers coverage wherever you go.


  • Remember that cleanliness is fundamental to prevent infections, so pack antibacterial gel and cleanse your hands before eating anything, and make sure that the restaurants you visit abide by established hygiene regulations.
  • Even though in some destinations, like Japan, it’s common to eat raw foods, DINKtravelers recommends opting for cooked meals. This way you’ll reduce the chance of suffering from food poisoning during your trip.
  • Staying hydrated is necessary in order to prevent fatigue, but it also helps your gastrointestinal tract to work adequately. Drink 1.5 liters of water every day. Other hydrating foods include fruits and vegetables that are rich in water (like cucumbers or watermelon), fruit juices, soup, coffee and tea.
  • Enjoy your meals and eat slowly. Try to establish regular hours for your meals during your trip and eat at least 3 times a day. Try not to spend more than 5 hours with an empty stomach.
  • It’s important to stay active, so whenever you get the chance, visit your destination on foot or on a bicycle tour. This will guarantee a better night rest, help you relief stress and promote a better digestion.


  • Eat one serving of fruits and vegetables in each meal, as well as other snacks that are rich in fiber. They’ll help you feel sated for longer.
  • Try traditional cuisine at your destination, but order a side dish of whole grains toimprove digestion.
  • Plan culinary touristic activities during daytime, but dine light. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed and rested the following days.
  • Cut down on saturated fats and caffeinated drinks. Even though caffeine is a slight stimulant, its excessive consumption contributes to dehydration and alters sleep patterns.

Now that you know how to travel healthy, it’s your chance to enjoy your trip…Bon appétit!