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A Trip With Your Best Friend

By Ana Torres |

Pack his favorite snacks and follow our advice to enjoy every moment of your vacation with your best 4-legged friend.


For DINKtravelers, their pet’s safety and fun is fundamental when it comes to going on a trip. If you’re planning to go on an adventure this season and to take your furry pal with you, this is what you need to know when you plan the journey:


  • The United States Veterinary Medical Association requests a medical assessment in order to evaluate your pet’s age and health before establishing whether or not it’s safe to take him on a trip. Remember that even though your destination might be fabulous, the journey itself increases his stress levels.
  • For international flights pets must have all their recent vaccines and they must have a veterinary certificate of health issued ten days prior to your trip at the most.
  • Find a suitable pet carrier depending on your pet’s size and comfort needs. What’s most important is that he’s free to change positions whenever he wants to, particularly in trips that are longer than 5 hours.
  • At least one week before traveling let your pet use and familiarize with the pet carrier. This way he won’t fear being inside it.
  • Hydrate your pal a day before departing. During the flight or on the road it’s not advisable to allow him to drink too much water since he might feel uncomfortable for wanting to urinate.
  • Check and compare pet-friendly policies established by each travel, lodging or transportation company, and opt for those that allow your pet to travel with/next to you.


  • Keep constant visual and verbal communication with your pet while he’s inside the pet carrier. Consider that busy and noisy airports and train stations might make him feel nervous. Help him feel safe to prevent an anxiety crisis.
  • Try to stay in areas located away from crowds and/or hasty travelers, this way you’ll help your pet relax before the upcoming long trip.
  • If you consider that he will need some kind of sedative to relax during the trip, ask his veterinarian about natural alternatives.
  • We recommend downloading the app Pets Welcome, available for Android or IOS. It finds your location through a GPS and offers you a catalogue of places you can visit with your pet. Throughout your vacation you’ll get the chance to go to bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and public places accompanied by your travel companion. And another great feature is that it offers information about nearby veterinary clinics, pet shops and canine hotels.


  • Trips exhaust pets, so dedicate at least one whole day to relax with your furry pal once you go back home. Give him a chance to rest and then take him for an evening walk, after sunset.

Ready for some fun? Don’t forget to pack his favorite snacks and toys so that he enjoys every moment of your vacation together!