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Travel With Pets

By Ana Torres |

Would you like to share your next vacation with your best four-legged pal? We’ll tell you where to go…


Nowadays inclusive cities are chic. What we mean by this is that touristic destinations celebrate ideological and cultural diversity by opening businesses that promote a friendly and open-minded attitude. One of the most innovative examples of this is found in pet-friendly venues.


In the East, Japan was a pioneer in this trend since they opened the first Cat Café in 1998. It was so successful that now there are over 50 cat cafés in that city.

In the Western world, little by little more restaurants, hotels and sites have allowed visitors to bring their pets with them, offering cats and dogs the same comfort and attention their humans get. These are some ideas of places you can go to in your next trip.


Looking for sun, sand and sea? Cancun is not only famous for its diamond-category beaches. It’s also at the vanguard of pet-friendly tourism with its “eco-chic” cabins in Tulum. They’re like a paradise for dogs that enjoy playing in the water. There they can run freely and plunge into the Caribbean while you get a nice tan.


If you go to New York, you can’t miss the NYC Dog Walking Tour. It’s perfect for man’s best friend to get a little workout and enjoy touring around this cosmopolitan city.


On the other hand, if you’re traveling to Europe, Sarphatipark is located in Amsterdam. This site has a separate area for cats and dogs so both species can play with toys and things they like while you relax and read a book. What’s more, you’ll find several gourmet restaurants and hotels in the area that are also pet- welcoming.

Also, capitals like Paris and Rome have implemented the policy of creating special dining areas for visitors who want to take their pets with them to a restaurant. This has also inspired the inhabitants to be kind hosts and responsible owners. Therefore, it’s common for them to place bowls of purified water on their porches to invite our furry friends to take a sip, as well as plastic bag dispensers to keep the streets free from organic residues.


This pet-friendly trip proposed by DINKtravelers is a great idea according to the experts, who assure having pets benefits your health because…

  • Petting them lowers your blood pressure and relaxes you
  • Walking and playing with them helps you relieve stress
  • They help you have a better self-esteem because they love you unconditionally and that also motivates you to pursue your goals
  • They help you be a more confident, kind and responsible human being