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Traditional Village Tour in Zimbabwe

Broaden your horizons by traveling to Zimbabwe and visiting its traditional villages. Learn about other ways of living and finding happiness.


Have you ever wondered if, beyond our modern societies, which are used to certain comforts and technology, there are other ways to live? Even though nowadays it seems improbable, there are some communities that still live with minimum luxuries, away from urban chaos. Today, DINKtravelers offers you the chance to go on a traditional village tour in Zimbabwe and discover how small communities challenge modern life in the heart of Africa.


The traditional village tour in Zimbabwe takes you to Monde, a village located 11 km away from Victoria Falls, the closest urban settlement. Once there you’ll have the sensation of having traveled in time: the small village barely reaches 16 inhabitants who live in small huts, share their space with farm animals and work on farmlands. The tour’s main goal is to witness and learn how the village’s daily life develops. You’ll notice that those people survive by struggling on a day-to-day basis with the challenges their natural surroundings present. For example, they must protect themselves from being attacked by predators and protect their crops from herbivores that lurk the area. Still, even if they don’t have advanced technology, they manage to thrive. Another activity visiting this village offers, apart from meeting its inhabitants, is learning about their daily chores such as cooking with rustic kitchenware.


In order to get to Monde you can hire a personal guide with a specialized travel agency. Your guide will take you from Victoria Falls to the village on a comfortable van. The whole tour is about 2-3 hours long; however, you should take bottled water and light cotton clothes because the weather is quite warm. Above all, remember that you’ll meet people from another culture and way of thinking, so you must be respectful at all times. Don’t go near their animals or enter their huts and, in general, don’t interrupt them while they’re working unless they invite you to participate. The way these communities live has survived because they’ve had little influence from modern societies. Therefore, the best way to preserve that legacy is to share it with others and raise awareness about how they are and what they believe in. On the other hand, if you want to leave a donation, do so by purchasing some of their handmade artwork. This way you’ll guarantee that the profit will be 100 percent theirs and you’ll also take a beautiful and unique souvenir home.


Presently, most of us live in automatic mode because we’re used to rushing and having material belongings. We believe that the wealthier you are, the happier you are, and that the faster we can buy things, the better. Nevertheless, the truth is not necessarily like that. The best teaching you’ll receive when you visit the villages of Zimbabwe is that you can be happy even if you live humbly. When you spend some time with the inhabitants of Monde, you’ll realize how satisfied they are with their lifestyle and that they don’t need great luxuries or high tech, because what really matters is not found in those things but in being able to cohabitate peacefully with other people and with our world. Each life experience is unique and must be appreciated.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to Jessica Lohmann from Safari With Us, who kindly shared with us the information we needed to write this article.