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Reasons Why Panama is a Great Touristic Destination

Plan a trip to Panama and travel in time as you walk the streets that connect Old Panama, the new Panama City and the city’s Historic District.


The first city was completely destroyed by a pirate attack under the command of Henry Morgan. Tall skyscrapers of different shapes and heights make out the city skyline. The second walled metropolis still preserves its colonial essence. The Gulf of Panama is its scenery, but it’s embraced by two immense seas: the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. All of this is part of what you’ll find in Panama City and DINKtravelers invites you to visit these contrasting settings.


Its ruins show what the first city looked like, with its buildings on the shoreline and the great diversity of plants and animals that still inhabit the mangroves of the archaeological site of Panama Viejo.

The remains of the convents belonging to different religious orders, the rain storage system, the government buildings and the natural landscape make this tour a fun journey in time in which, without doubt, the most representative and imposing structure you’ll find will be the tower of the Cathedral at Old Panama. You’ll have to climb up 115 steps in order to get to the top, but the panoramic view of the city will be worth it. Besides, you’ll get the chance to let your imagination fly thinking about the old streets, the old ways of life and the design of these buildings and houses that are now incomplete. But that’s not all. If you try to look beyond the archaeological site, you’ll witness the contrast between past and present represented by the tall skyscrapers rising in the horizon. Without doubt, the landscape will make your jaw drop.


Panama City refers to the most modern area at this destination and there’s no wonder why. When you find its tall buildings you’ll stand in awe before their height while you become fascinated with their different and original shapes. Nowadays they are part of the central territory because they’re the bridge that connects Old Panama and the Historic District of Panama. One of the best ways to move around the city is following the coastline, although we also recommend walking its streets until you reach the financial district. Our favorite building there is one that is shaped like a screw.

Prepare for more surprises because as you walk northeast you’ll start to find houses that look alike. That’s evidence that you’re approaching the Historic District.


When you find yourself in this part of the city let yourself be enchanted by its recently restored colonial architecture and enjoy walking around huge neighborhoods with local houses that give this tour a picturesque touch. Have fun walking along squares, churches and monuments, and buying indigenous artwork from Panama like molas –embroidered tablecloths and coasters, among other things.

Lastly, we recommend finishing your tour in Plaza de Francia Square while treating yourself with a passion fruit snow cone –this sour fruit grows abundantly in this region. You’ll get the chance to freshen up after the long walk and amidst the humid climate while enjoying the landscape made up by a rocky cliff and the sea, feeling the wind blowing against your skin and taking in the skyline of Panama City in the distance.

After your break, these landscapes will be forever engraved in your mind urging you to return to this destination. Don’t hesitate and plan a trip to this city where you can travel in time as you walk its streets.